Season 4

Trailer 1

Plo Koon and Clones are running attacking Droids

Padm’e on a Holegram Speaking to Count Dooku

Yellow Magna Guards eltorkating  Anakin

Peaople getting out of a Republic Gunship on Geonosis

Ahsoka landing in the water

Rex fighting somewere

R2 D2 Flying

Gerneral Grievous against Captain Talpals

Some straight Cretures shooting C 3PO and R2 D2

Mon Calimari swimming

Admiral Akbar commanding the Mon Calmari

Count Dooku and Anakin Fighting

Padm’e falling of a cliff

Captain Talpals Cutting General Grievous

Fives talking to Rex

Anakin Killing Commando Droids

Tailer 2

Fives going down a lift

Shot troopers marching

Mon Calimari Swimming

Clone Poloits Talking

General Grievous fighting Captain Talpals

Mon Calimari Fighting

C 3PO and R2 D2 In Space

Kit Fisto under the water

Admiral Akbar fighting

General Grievous Fighting Adi Galia with C 3PO and R2 D2 in the ship as well

ARC Troopers walking on Geonosis

Plo Koon Forceing back

Assaji Ventress’ ship being Destroyed

A Jedi the same species as Boss Ness with a blue Double ended lightsaber and a Green Double end lightsaber fighting Count Dooku and Yellow Magna Guard Droids.

Senator Tikks has a meating on Mon Calimari

Ahsoka in a wet suit fighting

ARC Scouts walking

Anakin and Count Dooku Fighting

ARC Scouts Running

Plo Koon Running

Same Species as Boss Ness Jedi Jumping

trailer 3:

Ship heading to Mon Calimari

The Mon Calimari city

a Mon Calimari being born

Aqua driods swimming up

a Aqua droid army

A commander of the separatists (uknown) and Senator Tikks talk to Count Dooku on hollgram

Separatist ships land in the Mon Calimari sea

Mon Calimaris swim in their city

Anakin, Padm’e and Admiral Akbar talk to Mace Windu and Yoda on Hologram

An Army of clones swimming

Kit Fisto and a Mon Calimari scout command all troops to battle.

Droid ships attack the Mon Calimari city.

Admiral Akbar leads a Mon Calimari Fleet into Battle

a Explosion at the Mon Calimari City and a Mon Calimari scout falls out.

three Mon Calimari fight Aqua droids.

Asoka, Padm’e, Admiral Akbar, Kit Fisto and two clones fight Aqua droids

Asoka charging at Aqua droids

Mon Calimari Scout telling to Anakin to look out for A Aqua droid behind him.

Anakin charging at Aqua droids

Anakin with two Mon Calimari scouts.

explosion with Anain falling out

Mon Calimari fighting Aqua droids in their city

Padm’e with three Mon Calimari scouts.

Admiral Akbar fighting Aqua droids with a Mon Calimari scout.

Vultra droid chasing another ship

C 3po crashes in Ship.

Lightening falls on C 3po and three other strange life forms.

C 3po, R2 D2 and three clones in Republic Gunship.

Arc trooper pushes C 3po

4 Republic Gunships flying in a space battle.

ARC Trooper talking to Anakin in a Republic Gunship.

Rex and Fives loading there guns

Rex, Fives and six ARC Troopers fighting a Droid Eal

Genaral Grievous fighting Adi Gallia and two clones with C 3po and R2 D2 behind them.

General Grievous fighting two Gungans

General Grievous fighting 4 ARC Troopers

C 3po and R2 D2 floating in Space

6 strange creatuures surrond C 3po and R2 D2

R2 D2 electrocuting a Battle Droid

Anakin fighting Commando Droids.

Anakin fighting 3 yellow Magna Guards

Fives walking out of a Republic Gunship with 4 ARC Troopers behind him.

Boss ness jedi jumping.

Rex, Fives, Boss Ness Jedi and ARC Trooper over look a forest of red jewls

a strange bug walking.

a chief of some strange creature  with four of his kind behind him talking to Fives, 2 ARC Troopers and a RAF trooper.

6 ARC Troopers matching.

a massive space battle

three strange creatures shoot C 3PO And R2 D2

Asoka attacking in the sea.

General Grievous fighting Captain Talpals and 2 Gungans.

3 X-wings flying.

a big massive ship explodes in Space.

Boss Ness Jedi Fighting someone

Anakin and Count Dooku fight with 2 Yellow Magna droids watching them

ARC Troopers in a Red Jewl froest.

Rex attacking.

Giant Spider droid explodes

Battle droids attacking.

Plo Koon and 2 ARC Troopers Attacking.

Rex, Fives and 8 other Arc troopers standing

Rex matching with 7 ARC Troopers

Preview 1:Ships Fly low above Mon Calimari. Rex says that it is clear for landing. Kit Fisto and the Scuba Troppers jump of the Republic Gunship and in the water. Ahsoka and Kit Fisto lead the Scuba Troopers into Battle. Admiral Acbar lead the Mon Calimari to attack the Qurrens. Anakin and Padm’e see the Renforcements arrive.  Kit Fisto and Ahsoka join the batlle. Admiral Acbar kills a lot of Qurrens. Aqua Droids then Join the Battle.

Preview:  There is a shipm on a planet. Ahsoka and R2 D2 wake up in the ship. Ahsoka gets out of te ship and sees Lux Bronteri. Dearth Watch sarround Ahsoka and Lux. The leader says “Come on Kid” Lux then joins the Dearth Watch Leader.

Trailer 4:

Anakin fighting Commando Droids and Magna droids

Anakin and Ahsoka and R2 d2 Running from a Exploding Building.

Darth Sidous talking to Count Dooku

Togrutas imprisoed by Battle droids

Anakin on Shill

Obi Wan talking to Ahsoka on Corusont

Anakin and Ahsoka entering in the Cantina

Anakin smashing glass in front of Obi Wan and Cody

Anakin and Ahsoka in a ship

Cad Bane with another bounty Hunter in a ship.

Fives running

Anakin slapping El Les with R2 D2 behind him

Ahaoka and R2 D2 breaking in a boulding

Anakin jumping of a building

Clones in a Red Forest

Anakin on a beast

Ahsoka and Anakin on a speeder

Fives running after a explosion

Dengar getting his helmet

A Rat Separatist talking to Obi Wan

Asajj Ventress fighting General Grievous.

A Death Wacher troop attacking Ahsoka

Prie Vilza welcoming Lux Bronteri to Death Watch

Fives tring to rescure Anakin from Count Dooku

Asajj Ventress fighting Commando Droids

Rex and Fives with the 501st Leigon

Part 1

Episode 1: Water War      1

Episode 2: Gungan Attack       2

Episode 3: Prisoners       3

Episode 4: Shadow Warriors       1

Episode 5: Mercy Mission       1

Episode 6: Nomad Droids        2

Episode 7: Darkness on Umbara        1

Episode 8: The General        2

Episode 9: The Plan of Dissent      3

Episode 10: Carnage of Krell       4

Episode 11: Kidnapped      1

Episode 12: Slaves of the Republic     2

Episode 13: Escape from Kandavo     3

Episode 14: A Friend in Need (Lux Bronteri)      1

Episode 15: Deception       2

Episode 16: Friends and Enemies    3

Episode 17:  The Box                 1

Episode 18: Crisis on Naboo          1

Episode 19: Massacre      2

Episode 20: Bounty   3

Episode 21: Brothers (Savage Oppress and Darth Maul)   4

Episode 22: Revenge  5

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