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Every Saturday at 2.00 Pm on Felix Channel for Season1, 6. Season 2-5,7 every Saturday at 7.30 Am.  s3 EP 22 on Friday 9.00 Am for a year anerversery.

Season 1 (2011)

1.  Training for the invasion     1

2. The Attack  2

3. The Plan  3

4. Training for Dooku 4

5.  Mission to Datooine  5

6. Dark Times of the sith 1

7. Revenge 1

8. assaination   2

9. Separatist to senator   3

10. Senate Plot   4

11. Return of Darth Maul 1

12. Darth Maul Hunt  2

13. Coresont cout   3

14. Hunt for Padawan  1

15. Vision 1

16. Invasion of Pantora 1

17. Raising money pantora  2

18. Problems for Rodia   1

19. War in a War 2

20. Capture 3

21. Building the Dearth Star 4

22. The Drill of Order 66    5

Cards in training for the invasion: Council leader N, Captain N, Mauotwer N, Griervous N, Rouge N

Cards in The Attack: Count Dooku S, San Hill S, Nute Gunray S, Shu Mai S, Po Nudo S

Cards in the Plan: Grievous S, Scooper droids S, Droid Commander S

Cards in Training for Dooku: Durge S, Asajj Ventress S

Cards in Mission to Datoonie: Master Barak R, Ki Adi Mundi R, Datoonie jedi R, Shaak Ti R, Ruka Hu R, Padawan R, ARC Leader R

Cards in Dark Times of the Sith: Darth Sisdous S, Darth Bane SO, Darth Plaguis SO, Darth Sidous SO, Yoda OR, Tyvokka OR, Young Dooku OR

Cards for Revenge: Anakin R, Obi Wan R, Plo Koon R, Ahsoka N, Freddrick R, Jocasta Nu R

Cards for Assaination: Scoopi N, Lux Bronteri S, K4 92 S, Adi Gallia R

Cards for Separatist to Senator: Padm’e R, Lux Bronteri R, Bail Organa R, Orn Free Taa R, Mace Windu R

Cards for Senate Plot: Palpatine R, Mas Amedda R, Finis Volroum N, Captain Ogra R

Cards for Return of Darth Maul:  Darth Maul N, Savage Opperess N, Sea See Tiin R, Kit Fisto R,  Cheif Chirpa N

Cards for Hunt for Darth Maul: Stass Allie R, Asajj Ventress N, Mothe Talzan NS, King Goocheri N

cards for Coresont Cout: Judje R, Piolice Gurad N, Bossk BH, Boba Fett N, Arurra Sing BH

Cards for Hunt for Padawan: A’sharad Hett N,  Jabba the Hutt C, Hengeman C, Dragon B

Cards for Vision: An’ya Kuro OR, Young Ki OR, Hondo Oconda C, Ki’s Father N, Commander Barcra R, Ki’s Wife N

Cards for Invasion of Pantroa:  Ryo Chuchi R, Chairman Panpantora R, Prime Minister of Pantora N, Mut Tuuk S, Battle Droids S

Cards for Raising Money for Pantora: Cody R, Rex R, Gree R, Yoda R, Cad Bane BH, Anobis B, Dark Yoda

Cards for Problems for Rodia: Lolo Rurs N, Greedo BH, Meedo BH, Oppo Rancisis R, Commander Davis R

Cards for War in a war: Boss R, Fixer R, Sev R, Scorch R, Geonisions S

Cards In Capture: Poggle S, Wat Tambor S, Leitenent Gafi S

Cards in building the Dearth Star: Captain Tarkin E, Darth Sidous E, Giant Spider B, Robot N

Cards in The Drill of Order 66:  Chewbacca N, Tarfful N, King Gatchwwaa N, Han Solo C, Lando Crislin N

Season 2 (2011-12)

1. Monster Sea         1

2. Recuring the Emperess        2

3. Droids under Water           3

4. Trapped on Raxus Prime 1

5.  Recuring Saesee Tiin  1

6.   When the Madlores Took over 2

7.  Delta Squad v Mandalorians 3

8. The Mandalrion Super Weapon   4


9.  A Line For the Chosen One 1

10. The Chosen One Gone 2

11. A Magical World released 3

12. The Age of Skull Begins 4

13. Skull Controll 5

14. Gantocks fall 6

15. Hunt for skull agents 7

16. Ahsoka Tano: Super Girl 8

17. Thawn’s rise to power 1

18. Thawn in Control 2

19. Hero for the Separatists or the Republic ? Part 1 1

20. Hero for the Separatists or the Republic ? Part 2 2

21. Gantock second Rise to power 1

22. Magical World locked up again 2

Season 3 ( 2012)

1. A New Separatist Commander 1- Count Dooku makes a new Separatist Commander in charge of Grievous

2. A Renagade Sparatist Commamder 2- The new Separatist Commander takes controll over Dooku.

3. Grievous’s Suprise  3- Grievous clones himslef to go against The New Commander Geraminon

4. A Droids Loyolty 4- The Droids that were rewired by the new commander but the tatical droid finds his loyolty with Dooku.

5. You can’t Fall a Sith 5- Dooku goes to Tandoshia to meet the cheif of Tandoshans  but is put in a gample to weather Grievous is loyal to him.

6. Feeding Monsters 1- Moonbottem and Elton interrogate Morbuis to find out what the monsters eat.

7. Transpoting Monters 2- Moonbottem and Elton try to transport the monsters to help Vooliff Monn on The Planet of the Gran.

8. Go Home, Monsters 3- The Monsters have scared away Grievous from The Planet of the Gran and now they go home.

9. Metal Monsters 1- A Clone Scientist creates a new army to fight against the Separatists

10. Republic alliance 2- As Saesee Tiin, Anakin and Plo Koon attempet to Destroy the new army because it had malfunctioned

11. Republic Loylity 3- Yoda, Mace Windu, Obi Wan and Palpatine go and see the new army. But Moonbottom is planning to use the new army to take control

12. Pain 4- Gree and his men are being tested to be turned into a cyberwarroir. Mace and Elton are held in the detenison Center.

13. Failed Rescure 5- Moonbottom faked his Death to let Luminara, Faye and Obi Wan  rescure Gree, Fire, Jek , Rys but it fails.

14. Recure Success 6- Luminara and Obi Wan are sentancent to Execution but Yoda, Shaak Ti, Roran Corobb, Anakin, Foul Moundama, Rex, Gree save them.

15. Things Going Missing 7- Grievous takes the last Cyberwarror but someone else took the Cybercrstyls.

16. The Prisoner of Askaban 8- Cybercrstyls were stolen by a prisoner of Askaban. The Clone intelligance leader were assasinated by a skull agent.

17. The last of the Skull agents 9- The last skull agent attempts to get the last cyberwarroir but Dooku and Grievous are in his way

18. The Best Bounty Hunter 1- Cad Bane has captured the king of Duros and pretneded to be Master Rapanski. Obi Wan and Plo lead an attempet to find Bane.

19. Bane on the run 2- Anakin has accidently murded Master Rapanski and Quinlin Vos has been captured. It is up to Saesee, Wolffe, Corbun to find them.

20. A General Republic Rescure 3- Bane has captured Saesee and Quinlin. Corbun has sent Wolffe to find them and then renforced by Rex.

21. King Of Duros gone missing 4- Obi Wan, Mace Windu and Rex interrigate Cad Bane and Senator Ong because the king of Duris has gone missing

22. Zygerrian civil war 1 hour special 5-  Obi Wan, Mace Windu, Cody, Rex and Cad Bane go to Zygerria to find the king of Duros but the planet leaders Oli Ric and Blatermouse are in Civil War.

Season 4 (2012)

1. Zygerrian Empire Enslaved 1- Cad Bane takes over the Zygerrian Empire

2. Thawn’s Revenge 2- Thawn attacks Zygerria but it is at Civil War

3. Under thhe Rubble 3- Jesse must rescure Anakin and Rex from under the rubble but meets Zygerrian Prirates

4. Thawn Rebales 4- Thawn makes a surprise attack above Zygerria on Obi Wan.

5. Thawn Deafeted 5- Obi Wan and Boil go on a undercover mission on thawn’s ship while Cody rescures Anakin and the Zygerrian Slaves.

6. A Big Magic act 1- Obi Wan, Ahsoka and Anakin lead an attempt to rescure Mace Windu but then their men disapper and their stuck with Count Dooku.

7. A long long night 2- Obi Wan and Palpatine find Anakin, Ahsoka and Dooku, They must find Tagart, Cody, Rex and the rest of the men.

8. Thwan’s plan 3- Thawn and Commander Wagbo has Tagart, Cody, Rex, Mace Windu and every one else. But can anyone trust Admiral Thawn since Season 2.

9. Duros clones 4- Wagbo arresteds Thawn for turning him and his men into Duroses.

10. Sora Blouq and Oppo Rancisis 1- Sora Blouq captures Oppo Rancisis.

11. Are you a Sith? 2- Sora Blouq questions Count Dooku after Dooku killed the Zygerrian Separatist Senator.

12. Sith Loyalty 3- Sora Blouq refuses to kill Oppo Rancisis

13. Senator or Bounty Hunter 4- Cad Bane gets Zussk and Boba Fett into the Senate to find where Passel Argent is.

14. Passel Argent’s  Hotel 5- Cad Bane and IG 88 lead other Bounty Hunters to a Hotel to get Passel Argent

15. Cad Bane’s Army 6- Cad Bane, Bounty Hunters and Death Watch go to Raxus to attack Dooku.

16. Darth Sidous 7- Mace Windu, Obi Wan Kenobi, Soro Blouq and Gem Bees hunt for Darth Sidous.

17. Sides 8- Sora Blouq goes to Mandalore to find out what side he should choose.

18. Search for Sora Blouq 1- Skorr kidnapps Almec from Mandalore to find Sora Blouq.

19. Sora Blouq among the Tusken Raiders 2- Anakin, Obi Wan, Skorr go to Tatoone to get Sora Blouq

20. Money 3- Skorr and the Tusken Raider help get Thawn, Cad Bane, Aurra Sing and Sora Blouq from prison

21. He pays his price 4- Brandon kidnapps Skorr and Sora Blouq

22. Skorr and Allies 5- Bossk and the Cheif of Tandoshia get Cad Bane, Death Watch, Tuskan Raiders and the separatists to get Skorr out of Prison. But Brandon is in their way.

Season 5 (2012)

1. Wookie Truoble 1- The Tandoshians get help from The Separatists on a Invasion On Kashyyk

2. Tandoshian Loyloty 2- Bossk, Skorr and Grievous turn on The Tandoshian Leader while Ycon, Luminara and Faye  go on a special Misson

3. A Son’s Bestrayl 3- Cradossk, Prince Xiror and Kleef go and capture Bossk and Skorr. While Luminara, Faye and Brandon go to rescure Tcon.

4. Angry Tandoshians 4- The Tandoshians blow up the Separatist Base. Tarfull and Faye have look after the injured Brandon and Luminara.

5. Separatist Base Rackage 5- Faye and Blitzen go and find Ycon under the rubble

6. Gree to the rescure 6- Luminara calls for Help Yoda, Windu and Quinlin send Gree to find Faye, Blitzen and Ycon.

7. Black Sun Leader 1- Cradossk and Kleef try to take over the Black Sun

8. Hutt Money 2- Boba Fett and Embo goes to see if Cradossk really has Zabba as a Prisoner.

9. Cawdite Money 3- Kleef travels to Clawdite to get money for Xior

10. Black Sun Take Over 4- Xior and Boba Fett Breck into the Black Sun and Cradossk escapes to Tandoshia but Embo and Mandavloran are waiting for him.

11. Sand Escape 5- Eal, Cad Bane, Skorr and Bossk rescure Cradossk from Jabba and Boba.

12. Sora Bloug Hunt 1- Anakin, Ahsoka, Brandon and Rex travell to Zygerria to find Sora Bloug.

13. Corucont Bar 2- Mace, Obi Wan and Anakin go to Corucont to Learn that from Separatist spy Davajaan that Sora Bloug and Oola got a lift from Damstrang.

14. Space Chase 3- Anakin, Ahsoka and Brandon travell to Jabba’s Palace while Davajaan follows Sora Bloug on Dumstrang’s Ship.

15. Underground 4- Kristo Helps Mace and Orn Free Taa into the Underground to see Quttant, Kandany and Zossk to get information on Suulastant.

16, On the Way to Ryloth 5- Mace Windu, Captain Fox, Captain Magana and Twi Lek Bo Bo escourt Orn Free Taa to Ryloth.

17. Acid 6- Obi Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex and Cody go to Ryloth to find Sora Bloug and Suulastant.

18. Slaves 7- Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex and Cody goes to Rescure Obi Wan, Boil, Wooley from Suulastant and Rancliff.

19. Ryloth Rabble 8- Mace Windu, Cody and Appo search for Obi Wan, Boil, Wooley and Rex.

20. Bounty Huntera are not to be trusted 9- Anakin, Ahsoka, Brandon and Embo chase Dumstrang who has Sora Bloug but Davajaan already has Him.

21. Anakin’s Trust 10- Mace Windu, Yoda and Obi Wan arenge Ahsoka to meet Scoopi but Anakin’s Not very Pleased.

22. Ahsoka’s Trust 11- Dooku Summands Grievous, Sora Bloug, Montour, Rouge, Ceran, Kal Hurran, Durge, Pre Vizla, Cad Bane, Bo Kataran, Chata Hyoki, Wagbo, 4 Lom, Zussk, Boba Fett, Dengar, Bossk, IG 88, Skorr, Brandon, Cradossk, Kleef, Embo, Eal, Dumstrang, EV D9D, Salastar, Davajaan, Lava Boy, Auura Sing, Night Rider, Gawk, Splinter, Alham, Ahsoka (who is in Disguese), Scoopi, Blizard and Oola to Seareno to Build a weapon that will Kidnapp Anakin.

Season 6 (2012)

1. Anakin’s Anger 1- Obi Wan and Shaak Ti try and Convince Yoda and Mace Windu to get Anakin out of the Mission to Shill while Padm’e Calms him down.

2. Early Kidnapping 2- Shaak Ti escourts Senator Yocali while Anakin attacks Dooku while Obi Wan and Cody rescure the prisoners while Rex in watching and warning people what is going to happen.

3. Anakin’s Plan 3- Dooku kidnapps Anakin on Shill being tracked also by Rex but Anakin crashs Dooku’s Ship.

4. Machines for Kidnapping 4- Dooku looks at all his agents machines to see what is the best to kidnap Anakin.

5. Swap places 5- Grievous travels to Marina to capture Gree so Dooku can Disguise himself during the Kidnapping of Anakin but will Luminara and the Manina People stop them.

6. Jedi Temple Squished 6- Ahsoka, Aurra Sing, Scoopi pilot the deadly machine and destroys the jedi temple leaving Yoda, Dooku (disguise), Anakin, Racknoid and Obi Wan stuck under the rubble. Will Mace and Fox rescure them.

7. Watch out Senate 7- As Mace, Fox, Faye, Thire, Jek, Rys carry on digging in the jedi temple Ahsoka attacks the Senate will Mace and his team also rescure Palpatine, Mas Amedda, Padm’e, Jar Jar Binks and Tagart.

8. Machine gone wrong 8- Ahsoka crashes her machine, she along with Aurra Sing, Scoopi and Lux Bronteri find their way out while Cody, Boil and Wooley search for them while Mace Windu follws Count Dooku who has Kidnapped Anakin.

9. Search For Anakin 9- Saesee Tiin, Rex and Pablo Jill chase Count Dooku who has Anakin but Dooku leads them right to Grievous’ Separatist Frigate.

10. On the way to Raxus 10- Count Dooku is on his way to Raxus on Grievous’ Frigate Grievous helps Aurra continue the investergation on what side Ahsoka is on.

11. Anakin’s Kidnapping Cermnol Planning 11- Count Dooku and Grievous are shown around by Nute Gunray and Rune Haaku the ceromonal Theatre on Raxus.

12. Anakin’s Kidnapping Ceromnol or Rescure 12- Mace Windu, Rex and Yurlaran rescures Anakin and Gree from Dooku on Raxus.

13. Vote of no Confidence 1- Senator from Duro puts a vote of no Confidence on Palpatine because he is not Punishing Ahsoka.

14. Chancellor in Cought 2- As Padm’e stands by Palpatine in Cought, Sora Blouq bursts in. Also Mas Amedda is finding The role of Chancellor.

15. Senate war 3- Mas Amedda is finding the role more and more differclit to do when the duros and Kharrun and the Changlings join forces.

16. Darth Sidous Court out 4- As Palpatine comes back Sora sees him contacting Count Dooku.

17. Bounty Hunters V Nurns and Monks 5- Kia Sue and Mace Windu lead a attack on Cad Bane and the Bounty Hunters

18. Sora Bluq alive 1- As Fox and the other Corecont Guard to a search for a bounty hunter they see Sora Blouq. Palpatine gets angry with Obi Wan and Mace Windu for lying about Sora’s Death.

19. 112th Battalion back on Kamino 2- 112th Battalion are sent to Kamino to build a new city. Will Wooley spill about Ahsoka and Lux.

20. Kamino Escape 3- Wooley tries to escape from Kamino.

21. A Lot of Grievous’ 1- As Grievous shows his new weapon to Dooku it blows up and they escape but are shot down by Anakin. They land on a planet fall of Grievous’ Clones.

22. Karham to the Rescure 2- Karham rescures Dooku and Grievous from Grievous’ clones while Anakin searches for Dooku and Grievous.

Season 7 (2012)

1. Karham the New Dark Lord 1- Dooku trains Karham.

2. Naboo break in 2- Karha tries to do a  assassination  on Anakin on Naboo

3. Weeqluy Bounty Hunters 3- Karham hire weequley Bunty Hunters to get Ahsoka

4. Mon Calamari Crisis 4- The Weequley Pirates kidnapp Ahsoka on Mon Calamari.

5.  A Bad Trap 5- Anakin rescures Ahsoka and Lee Char from Karham and the last of the 4 weequley pirats Mikto.

 6. Corucont Blockade 1- When Dooku and Karham and Grievous seek Revenge on Lord Sidous, Grievous must Knock out Saesee Tiin and the Corucont Blockade.

7. Darth Sidous appologises 2- As Count and Karham take in the next part of their plan Sidous appologises in there escpape the Jedi get in the way.

8. Sidous’ Rescuer 3- Lot Dod goes into Askaban to get Karham and Dooku out of Prison. Will Cooler and Cheecer stop the rogue Senator.

9. On the way to Cato Neimidia 1- After the brake in at Askaban the Prisoners are to be moved to safer Prison on Cato Neimidia. As Officer Desk killes Grator and then When Zabran, Fox and Gree make Cheecer their main Suspect, Cheecer murders Zabran but it turns out Desk had brain washed Cheecer.

10. Cato Neimidia in trouble 2- Karham is ent to check up on the Cato Neimidia Prison owned by Mar Tuuk and his wife. Mace uses this chance to let him Obi Wan and SSora Blouq Escape but Cad, Wooley and Poggle want to come too.

11. Cato Neimidia War 3- Mac Nac is orede to kill Karham but fails to.

12. Karham mudered 1- Dooku finds Karham dead in his chambers. Dooku investigates the crime.

13, Sand Chase 2- Dooku chases Mac Nac through the sands of Tatooine whil being chaced by Jabba’s Bounty Hunters (Mikto, Embo, Bossk and Boba Fett)

14. Battle for Mos Eisley 3- Dooku continues to chase Mac Nac through Mos Eisley.

15. Skimish on the Invisable Hand 4- Anakin. Ahsoka and Rex must rescure Qunlin Vos from Dooku and Grievous.

16. Tatoonie Blockade 5- Yoda renforces Anakin in the prodection of Tatooine.

17. Trapped in Jabba’s Palace 6- Yoda, Gree and Cad Bane go to protect Jabba but Dooku gets their first (Sirulis Crumb, Geriminon Gaurd, Gardulla)

18. 2 Teams 7- Morrik, Embo and Brain Washed Anakin, Ahsoka and Rex must rescure Rotta from Grievous whil Boba Fett, Bossk and Woolfric do the Same

19. Aurra Sing’s Doubt’s 8- Aurra Sing and Husbend Pre Vizla prtect Rottabut when they get captured will Boba and Bossk rescure them.

20. Bounty Hunter’s Revenge 9- Massive Battle At Jabba’s Palalcee

21. Hutt Empire Take over 10- Dooku leads an Attack on Nal Hutta while Grievous goes to Varl.

22. Empire retake 11- Anakin leads an ivasion to get back the Hutt Empire while Obi Wan, Mace Windu and Sora Blouq go undercovor.

Season 8 (2012)

1. New Warroirs 1- Grievous searches for new warroirs 

2. New Leader 2- Dooku and Griwvous choose a new leader of the Bomar Monk Warroirs

3. Invasion of Neimidia 1- Dooku Tacks revenge on Neimidia

4. Under water chase 2- Dooku and Qunlin Vos chase Nute Gunray under Water.

5. Death Star Proplems 1- The Death Star Is to Continue  to be built. 

6. Death star in secret 2- clones try to find plans for the Death star (thawn)

7. A New apprencise 1- Dooku and Grievous find a new apprentice on Yoda’s Homeworld after things go wrong with Qunlin Vos (Cheif, Darth Yoda)

8. The five padawans 2- Asajj, Qunlin and Sora seek revenge on Dooku. (Obi Wan,Ventress, Sora, Mace, Saesee)

9. Break in to Askaban 3- Darth Yoda breaks in to Askaban to kill Yoda (Ki Adi, Plo Koon, Yoda)

10. Running in Askaban 4- Yoda and the other prisoners try to escape from Darth Yoda.

11. A Secret Confesssation 5- Ki Adi Mundi plan to get ride of Darth Yoda.

12. Tan Divo Murder 1- Tan Divo is murded the suspects are- Palpatine, Sy Moore, Mas Amedda, Borrrik, Tarkin

13. Investigation continues 2- Ki Locks all the Suspects in Jail till one of them admits of Murder.

14. Chancellor Jedi 3- Ki Becomes the Chancellor.

15. The Truth Told 4- Plo Konn arrests Anakin for Murder.

16. Rescue the Jedi 1- Padm’e makes the jedi realised from their imprisomed in jail

17. Planet of Giants 2-Clone Cybertron Guards the imprisones doing community service when the planet is inhabbited with Giants.

18. Inside the nose 3- Grievous searches the galaxy for Yoda and when he lands with the Planet of Giants the ship gets stuck in the nose of the Giants.

Cards in Monster Sea: Kit Fisto R, Aayla Secura R, Moonk R, Bly R, Emperess R, Commander Naulatron R, Senator Naulatron R

Cards in Rescuring The Emperess: Squark S, Aqua Droids S

N= Neturel           S Separatist          R= Republic   SO= Sith Order         OR= Old Republic                NS= Night Sister     BH= Bounty hunter              C= Criminal                           B= Beast    E=Empire

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