Jedi and Their Lightsabers

All Jedi have light-sabers and if they do not they are not a Jedi. A lot of Matsers say to their padawans that there light-saber is their life, after all they are Jedi for a living a a light-saber is their most used weapon.

The following will contain Jedi and their light-saber, their main one and their spair one. Only some of them will have the spair.

Obi Wan Kenobi: Obi Wan first had Main: blue Spare: Unknown he lost is lightsaber in a battle with Darth Maul -32. Obi Wan second had Main: Green Spare: none he had this only for a little time, this was not his but his masters lightsaber. Obi Wan third had Main: blue Spare: Unknown Obi Wan’s lightsaber was taken by the Geonotions -22. Obi Wan fourth had Main: Blue spare: unknown Obi Wan was given this by Jedi Master Tan Yuster in the battle had decided to keep it after the battle, his lightsaber vanished with him 0.

Anakin Skywalker: Anakin first had Main: Blue Spare: Unknown Anakin had this lightsaber in till -21 when he lost it. Anakin second had Main: Blue Spare: Unknown Anakins lightsaber was smashed on Geonosis. Anakin first had

Yoda: Main: Green Spare: Unknown

Ki-Adi-Mundi: Main: Blue Spare: Yellow

Plo Koon: Main: Blue  Spare: Yellow

Agen Kolar: Main: Green Spare: Blue

Even Piell: Main: Green Spare: Blue

Kit Fisto: Main: Green Spare: Blue

Coleman Trebor: Main: Green Spare: Unknown

Aayla Secura: Main: Blue Spare unknown

Ahsoka Tano: Main: Green Spare: Green

Shaak Ti: Main Blue Spare Unknown

Mace Windu: Main: Purple Spare: Blue

Zett Jocassa: Main: Blue Spare: Unknown

Adi Gallia: Main: Blue Spare: Unknown

Eeth Koth: Main: Green Spare: Blue

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