Hello my name is Benjamin clubb 2/3/11

favroute characters:-

1.Luke Skywalker

2.Boba fett

3.Han Solo

Hello my name is Angus Beetham 3/3/11

My Favourite Characters are:

1. Commander Gree, Kit Fisto, Comander Wolffe and Echo

2. Wicket the Ewok, Captain Typho

3. Jango Fett

My order of movies goes like this:

1st. Attack of the clones

2nd. Revenge of the Sith

3rd. The Phantom Menace

4th. A new hope/Return of the Jedi

6th. Empire strikes back

My top four laser guns are:

1st. Flash speeder gun

2nd. Wookie Bowcaster

3rd. Tatooine Thunder Blasterrifle and Tatooine Blaster pistol

4th. Boba Fett’s blaster rifle

My top Four Republic Vehicles:

1st. AT-RT

2nd. Republic Gunship

3rd. ARC-170, Clone Turbo Tank

4th. Jedi Interceptor

My least favourite characters:

1st. Agen Kolar

2nd. Princess Leia

3rd. Jabba the Hutt

Why I don’t like these characters: I don’t like Jabba the Hutt because he’s just a piece of gloop and he looks very ugly. I don’t like Princess Leia because shes a show off and her hair in episode four is really ugly. I don’tlike Agen Kolar because he is the worst fighter in the world, I mean Darth Sidious kills him so quickly and he just stands there when he’s about to be killed. Felix Says “I Like Jabba”

My made up Squad

Clone Commander=Gree

Clone Commander=Wolffe

Clone ARC Trooper=Echo


Jedi=Kit Fisto


Hello my name is Felix 3/3/11 I’m the Head of this Web site

My favourite characters are:

1. Obi Wan Kenobi

2. Grievous

3. Yoda and Darth Sidous

My Favourite Movies:

1st.  Attack of the Clones

2nd.  Revenge of the Sith

3rd. Return of the Jedi

4th.  A New Hope

5th. The Phantom Menace

6th. The Empire Strikes Back

My Sisters order

1st. Phantom Menace

2nd. Attack of The Clones

3rd. Return of the Jedi

4. Revenge of the Sith

5th.  A New Hope

6th. The Empire Strikes Back

My Mum’s Order

1st.  A New Hope

2nd. The Empire Strikes Back

3rd. Return of the Jedi

4th. Revenge of The Sith

5th.  The Phantom Meance

6th. Attack Of The Clones

My Dad’s order

1st. A New Hope

2nd. The Empire Strikes Back

3. Return Of The Jedi

4. Revenge Of The Sith

5. Attack of the Clones

6. The Phantom Menace

Hello My Name is Felix 5/3/11

My Old Favourite Order of The Movies

1st. Attack of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith

3rd. Return Of The Jedi

4th. The Phamton Menace

5th. The Empire Strikes Back

6th. A New Hope

List of Least Favourite Characters

1. Leia

2. Padm’e

3.  Boss Nass

I do Non’t Like Leia Because She Is Very Bossy. I Don’t Like Padm’e Because She is Very Romantic AND I do Not Like Boss Ness Because he makes Weird Noises.

My Sisters Favourite Characters

1. Padm’e

2. Leia

3. Shaak Ti

My Dad’s Favourite Characters

1. R2 D2

2. C 3PO

3. Luke Skywalker

Felix Hawes

My Favroute Season 1 Part 1 Episodes

10. Shadow Malvelonce

9. Duel of Droids

8. Downfall of a droid

7. Ambush

6. Rookies

5. Cloak Of Darkness

4. Rising Malvelonce

3. Lair of Grievous

2. Destroy Malvelonce

1. Bombad Jedi

Angus Beetham

My Favroute Season 1 part 1 episodes

10. Downfall of Droid

9. Destroy Malvelonce

8. Ambush

7. Duel of Droids

6. Bombad Jedi

5. Rising Mavelonce

4. Shadow of Malvelonce

3. Lair of Grievous

2. Claok of Darkness

1. Rookies

Felix Hawes

Favroute Season 1 part 2 Episodes

12. Storm over Ryloth

11. Jedi Crash

10. Defenders of peace

9. Mistery of a thousend Monns

8. Innocents of Ryloth

7. Liberty of Ryloth

6. The Hidden Enermy

5. Tressspas

4. Blue Shadow Virus

3. Gungan General

2. Dooku Captured

1. Hostage Crisis

Angus’ Favourite Episodes-Season 1 Part 2

12. Dooku Captured

11. Jedi Crash

10. Storm over Ryloth

9 Tresspass

8 Blue Shadow Virus

7 Mystery of a Thousand Moons

6Defenders of Peace

5The Hidden Enemy

4Gungan General

3. Hostage Crisis

2. Innocents of Ryloth

1. Liberty on Ryloth

Felix Hawes

My Favroute Season 2 part 1 episodes

11. Cargo of Doom

10. The Deserter

9. Children of The Force

8. Brain Invaders

7. Weapons Factory

6. Senate Spy

5 Legacy of Terror

4. Lightsaber lost

3. Landing at Piont Rain

2. Hologron Heist

1. Grievous Interigue

Angus Beetham

Season 2 Part 1

11 Senate Spy

10 Children of the Force

9 Holocron Heist

8. Weapons Factory

7 Landing at point rain

6.Cargo of Doom

5. Legacy of Terror

4. The Deserter

3 Brain Invaders

2. Light-Sabre Lost

1. Grievous Intrigue

Season 2 part 2

11. Cat and Mouse

10. Bounty Hunters

9. Voyage of Teptemtion

8. Leathel Trackdown

7. The Zilo Beast

6. Dearth Trap

5. R2 Come Home

4. Duchess of Mandalore

3. Senate Murders

2. Mandalore Plot

1. The Zilo Beast Strikes Back

Angus Beetham

Season 2 Part 2 Favourite Episodes

11. Voyage of Temptation

10. The Duchess od Manderlore

9. R2 Come Home

8 Cat and Mouse

7Senate Murders

6The Manderlore Plot

5 The Zillo Beast Strikes Back

4 The Zillo Beast

3. Lethal Trackdown

2. Death Trap

1. Bounty Hunters

Season 3 part 1

11. Clone Cadets

10. The Acedmy

9. Supply Lines

8. Sphere of Influence

7. Coruption

6. Pusuit for Peace

5. ARC Troopers

4. Assassin

3. Heros on Both Sides

2. Evil Plans

1. Hunt for Ziro

Angus Beetham

Season 3 Part 1 Favorite Episode

11. Corruption

10. Evil Plans

9. Supply Lines

8. Heroes on both Sides

7. The Academy

6. Pursuit of Peace

5. Sphere of Influence

4. Hunt for Ziro

3. Assassin

2. Clone Cadets

1. ARC Troopers

Season 3 part 2

11. Padawan Lost

10. Wookie hunt

9. Overlords

8. Monster

7. Night-sisters

6. The Citadel

5. Counter Attack

4 Altar of Montress

3. Ghosts of Montress

2. The Citadel Rescue

1. Witches of the mist

Angus Beetham

Season 3 Part 2

11. Padawan Lost

10. Nightsisters

9. Overlordes

8. Wookie Hunt

7. Ghosts of Montress

6. Alter Montress

5. Witches of the mist

4. Monster

3. The Citadel Rescure

2. The Citadel

1. Counter Attack

Season 4 part 1

11. Prisoners

10. Water War

9. Mercy Mission

8. Gungan Attack

7. The General

6. Nomad Droids

5. Kidnapped

4. Shadow Warrior

3. Darkness on Umbara

2. Plan of Dissent

1. Carnage of Krell

Angus Beetham

12. Prisoners

11. Water War

10. Mercy Mission

9. Kidnapped

8. Slaves of the Republic

7. Nomad Droids

6. Gungan Attack

5. Plan of Dissent

4. Shadow Warrior

3. The General

2. Darkness on Umbara 

1. Carnage of Krell

Angus Beetham Season 4 part 2

10. Escape from Kandavo

9. A Freind in Need

One thought on “Blog

  1. fave Star Wars characters:Jango Fett,[he has COOL weopons,especially the flamethrower],Darth Maul[he owns a good Sith ship,and is scary],Obi-Wan[obviously]
    I don’t like Dengar,he is the worst BH ever! Bossk is really ugly AND a bad BH.I love Cad Bane though.

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