Star Wars Characters! Their Life in the Movies Part 2

Yoda: Yoda is gifted with the force. He is a Padawan of Del Gormo. He was Jedi Grand master in the Hyperspace war and the clone war. Phamtone Menace: Yoda Stade at the council for most of the time. He and the Council were shocked to see that there was a new sith as the sith were intsiked. Yoda and the council were talking about Ahakin to be a Jedi. Jedi Mace Windu had decided that Anakin should not become a jedi and that is what happend but when Qui Gwon Jinn died Obi Wan persuaded Yoda to let Anakin be his apprentice. Yoda appeard at the Naboo reunion along with a few other council members. Attack of The Clones: Yoda wachted the senate in the senate. He saw the designs being made by Chancellor Palpatine. He Mace Windu made designs that Mace would rescure Obi Wan Kenobi that was on Geonosis while Yoda went to see the clones on Kamnio. Lama Su greated Master Yoda and Greated him to the clones. Yoda got a yellow Clone Commander, Mace Windu had a red one and other Jedi got others. Yoda arrived at Geomosis on time. All the jedi escaped. Mace Windu and Ki Adi Mundi went on Yoda’s gunship followed by Kit Fisto. Yoda droped of Mace Windu, Ki Adi Mundi and Kit Fisto back on the fighting erea. They met there clone Commanders and Aalaya Sercra and Barriss Offee. Yoda orded his ship to land at the sector the starships were at. they landed and Yoda meat his Commander and orded him to fire at the nearest starship. The Starships were going back into space when they were orded to by Nute Gunray. The Clones went against all the droids and Yoda searned that somthing was wrong. Anakin and Obi Wan went against COunt Dooku and Failed, This inclued Anakin loosing is hand. Yoda manged to appear right when Count Dooku was about to leave. Yoda tried to stop him but Count Dooku Ascaped. In the Council room. Obi Wan said ” This is a great victory” and Yoda Replied  “Not Victory Obi Wan began the Clone Wars has” Revenge of Sith: Yoda defended Coresont on the ground. He defened it with Mace Windu, Sae See Tiin, Roan Cobb and Shaak Ti. Ki Adi Mundi said that Yoda should go to Kashyyyk. Chewbacca and Tarfful greated Yoda. Yada’s clone Commander Gree had a order to kill Yoda but Yoda nocked of his head( big rumer that is head did not came of) Yoda escaped Kashyyk and went to Bail Organa’s ship.Yoda went against Darth Sidous and Know one won.Yoda toldObi Wan how to use force ghost and then went to Dogabah. Empire strikes back: Luke arrived on Dogabah because Obi Wan Kenobi toled him  to.  Yoda was to train Luke but did not want to. Yoda sent Luke to the Force Tree. In the Tree Luke went against his father and defeted him but it was not  him really. Luke had a vision and lefted. Yoda was not happy. Luke Promised To Return. Return of the Jedi: Luke returnd to see Yoda like he promised. Yoda was getting old and told Luke that When you reach 900 You will not look good. Yoda lide down in his bed and Died. Then his body disappeared. Yoda appeared at the Endor Party as Ghost with Obi Wan and Anakin.

Born: -896

Died: 4

Killed by: Old Age

Lightsaber: Green

Mace Windu: Mace Windu is a Padawan of Yoda. Mace was Deputy Head of The Jedi Council for all 5 times in the Old Republic Eara. The Phamtome Menece: Mace Windu Stade at the Council for most of the time. Mace did not want Anakin to become a Jedi but he tested him and Obi Wan made shore that he became a Jedi because thats what Qui Gwon Jinn Wanted. Mace Windu and other Council Members went to the Naboo Reunion with the Gungans. Attack of Thje Clones: Mace Windu went to the Geonosin Arener to resure Padm’e, Anakin and Obi Wan. Mace Windu threated Jango Fett but Super Battle  droids shot and Mace Windu Jempted of. Jango Fett fired his Flame thrower at Mace Windu. lots of Jedi Started to be. Luminara and Shaak Ti Went beside Mace. When Pablo Jill gave Anakin and Obi Wan his Lightsabers Obi Wna Joined Mace  against all the droids. C 3p0 was forced back by Kit Fisto. Count Dooku stopped the droids from killing the last Jedi and said “surrendor” Mace Repleid ” I will neather Surrendor” Count Dooku then said” Then you will die” but then Yoda appeard and Mace, Ki Adi Mundi, Kit Fisto went on the ship Yoda was on. Yoda dropped Mace and the other two off at a landing area where Barriss Offee and Aalya Sercra and Mace’s Clone Commander. Kit meets his Clone Commander that is Orange but Ki Adi Mundi could not seem to find his. Mace made a Attack with the other jedi. When Yoda leafed he called the jedi to return to Coresont. Mace Windu and Luminara lead the fleet back to Coresant. Yoda and Obi Wan talks to Mace. Mace thinks that the clones are good. But Yoda thin ks there is now a War and he is right. Revenge of the Sith: Mace Windu defended Coresont with Yoda, Sae See Tiin, Shaak Ti, Roan Cobb. Mace Windu talks to Ki Adi Mundi, Yoda, Aalaya Sercera but is interrupted by Cody. Cody tells Mace that Obi Wan Has Killed General Grievous. Anakin then Tells Mace that Palpatine is Darth Sidous. Maceorders Aankin to Go to The Council Chambers intill he gets back. Mace goes in a Republic Gunship with Sae See Tiin, Kit Fisto and Agen Kolar. When Mace Arrives he says You are under arrest. Palpatine jumps up and Stabs Agen Kolar turns around Cuts Sae See Tiin has a short duel with Kit Fisto and Mace Windu and Cuts Kit Fisto ( Big Rumor that Kit is still alive) Mace Windu goes and Nocks the Glass and makes Palpatine Surrendor but Anakin  Chops Mace’s handof and Palpatine gives a big eletric through Mace and Mace falls out of the Window. Mace could have fallen on to a Car.

Born -72

Died: -19

Kiled By: Lossing his hand by Anakin and Electricuted By Darth Sidous

Lightsaber: Purple

Masters: Yoda

apprentices: Depa Billaba

Ki Adi Mundi: Ki Adi Mundi was a loud to have a marry because his species were dying out. Ki lost his mother when a group of Raiders killed her. Ki’s Dad Gave Ki to Dark Woman because he was worried that the Raiders would Return, he was right. When Ki returned his Father was dead. Ki married and had a daughter but in the Clone Wars Ki’s Planet was invaded and Ki’s Wife and Daughter were killed. Ki Adi Went to Coreant to Train under the Dartk Woman. The Phamtom Menace: Ki Stayed at Coresont with Yoda and the others. He went to the Naboo Party. Attack Of The Clones Ki Went to Geonosis and Went On Yoda’s Ship. Ki Lead a Attack on the Droids with Five Clone Commanders. In the Clone Wars Ki is Sent to Tatooine to Find A’sherad Hett. Jabba Promised npt to interfere and Even Gave Ki a Sand Skiff and eight Hengeman. When The Hengeman Poiled the Sand Skiff in to a Storm. The Hengeman Then turned on Ki and Attack him. The Storm Coved Ki, the Hengeman and The Sand Skiff. Ki ascaped but Sufford a Broken Arm but Healed it. Ki Came to a Cave and Saw A’sherad Hett. A’sherad Hett was Now A Sith And went Against Ki. Suddenly A’sherad was Shot by Arrura Sing, a Fallen Jedi. Ki was Angrey and Killed Arurra Sing. Revenge Of The Sith: Ki Fighed on Mygeeto. Ki Was Talking With Mace, Yoda and Aalya Sercra. But Was interrupted by Cody. Ki’s Friend Barcra and he and The Galgtic Marines. When Sunddenly Barcra and the Marines went down on there nees and Started Shoting but wasan’t Shoting at Droids But Was Shoting at Ki. Ki Defleced some Lasers but Lost his Grip and Was Shot.

Born: -92

Died: -19

Killed by: Shot By Commander Barcra

Masters: An’ya Kuro, Yoda

Apprentices: A’sharad Hett, Aruura Sing, Unkown Appretice

Ki Adi Mundi: Ki Adi Mundi: Blue and Yellow

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