Order 66

1. Battle of Uapau

Jedi Obi Wan is sent with Cody and the 112th platoon to kill Grievous. Obi Wan Kills Grievous but loosing is lightsaber. After Cody gave Obi Wan is lightsaber he went up a Clif but Darth Sidous orded Cody to Kill Obi Wan. Cody Orded his troopers to shoot Obi Wan. Obi Wan fell into a Crator with water in it. Cody sents Elite 112th Platoon to look to see if Obi Wan is still a live of Cause he is but they don’t find him. When they tell Cody that he is dead Cody is shore that he is. Obi Wan escapes to Bail Organa’s  Ship.

2. Battle of Mygeeto

ki Adi Mundi and Commander Barca fight on Mygeeto Barca has the order 66. Ki Adi Mundi deflects some lasers but then looses his Grip on his lightlaber and falls to the grouned dead as He is the the first jedi to have been killed by his on Clones.

3. Felucia

Aalya Secura and Commander Bly are sent to defend the felucians from being killed by Battle Droids there mission is complete when Aalya was on her way back to the ship she was shot in the back and fell to the ground as Bly carried on firing  just in case she was still alive. Barriss Offee was also tracked down by Bly and was blown up by a Sonic Boom

4. Kashyyyk

Kashyyyk was going to be invaded Ki Adi Mundi Said that Yoda Should go and he did with Gree while Luminara was  on the Planet too. The Wookiee King Grakchawwaa leads the Wookiees into battle with some Clone while made Cheif Tarfful Second in Charge of the Wookiees and is Guard Chewbacca to Guard Yoda with Gree and a Kashyyyk trooper. Commander Gree has the Order and he and is trooper atack but Yoda Knows  there is trouble and Knocks of There heads. Luminara is shot while she atacks the droid Ship. Troopers Shot King Grakchawwaa and moves on. Yoda leaves Kashyyk and says Goodbye toTarfful and Chewbacca and Goes to Bail Organa’s ship. Bossk a bounty hunter attacks Kashyyk he kills Tarfful but Chewbacca is Saved by Han Solo. Roan Shryne is killed by the clone on the beach.

5. Battle of Saleucami

Stass Alli goes on to this mission with her clone Commander Neyo. She orders her troops to stay by the ships while she and Neyo and another of the troops come to destroy the droid base. While they are on the speeder bikes Neyo gets the Order and orders is trooper to Reverse the speeder and then fire. Stass Allie’s bike hits the tree and she falls of and lands in a river.

6. Battle of Cato Neimodia

Plo Koon, Wolf, Odball and cclones go totis world. Plo Koon goes into is ship fowlled by Odball and 2 other clones. Odball gets the order and fires at Plo Koon’s Ship. The controlls get out of Controll and Plo Koon Crashes into a Building. Ferroda is killed by X2 and Denia is killed by the clones.

7. Coruscant

Anakin leads the 501st Leigon into the Jedi Temple. Anakin goes in side the Council room and finds Scard younlings. ANkin pulls out his lightsaber and strikes down the younlings. Anakin then goes to the libary and kills Jocasta Nu. Bail Organa wonders what is going on at the temple. He is met py Commander Alpo replace ment of Captin Rex after Anakin became a Council member. Alpo is about to shoot Bail Organa when he is cut Down by a youngling could Zuti Jocassa. The over members kill Zett Jukkassa and Bail Organa leaves to his ship were Yoda and Obi Wan are. 501st Legion and Darth Vader hunted down and killed Ali Alam, Jurokk, Olana Chion, Serra Keto, Etain Tur-Mukan, Tru Veld, Bene, Whie, Sors Bandeam, Jeswi Ele, Shialetep, Darkin Arkanian, Garen Muln, Ry Gaul, Fy-tor-ana. Gira Kills himself because he sees a shuttle full of younglings blow up. Darth Sidous kills Bodo Bass and Ashka Boda

8. Murkhana

On Murkhana Saras Loorne and Bol Chatak are shot by clones

9. Bogden

On Bogden Sian Jeisel killed herself and Du Mahn was shot by her clones.

10. Orto

Nem Bees is shot by the clone army.

11. Toola

Simmis is shot by her own clones.

12. Garqi

 Traavis is shot by the clones

13. Ragma V

Sev is shot while is on is ship.

14. Kessel

On Kessel Koffi Arana,Tsui Choi, Roblio Dartie, Jastus Farr, Ma’kis’Shaales, Shadday Potkin are killed by the 313th Legion and Darth Vader.

15. Celen

 On Celen Iri Camas is shot and killed

16. Ando Prime

Po Banadis finds himself on the ground dead

list of all jedi that were killed

Master Ali-Allan at the jedi temple killed by the 501st leigon

Master Stass Allie on Salucami killed by Commander neyo andCT-3423

Jedi Battle Master Cin Drallig at the jedi temple killed by Darth Vader

Master Sian Jeisel on her way to the Bogden jedi training Facility killed herself

Gate Master Jurokk at the jedi temple killed by Darth Vader

Master Ki Adi Mundi on Mygeeto killed by Commander Bacara and the Galatic Marians

Master Plo Koon on Cato Neimoidia killed by Captain Jag.

Master Forroda on Cato Neimoidia killed by X2.

Master Saras Loorne on Murkhana killed by the 22nd Air Combat wing.

Master Du Mahn at the Bogden jedi training Facility killed by clone troopers.

Cheif Arcivst Jocasta Nu at the jedi temple killed by Darth Vader

Master Simmis on Toola killed by Commander Keller

Master Sev above Ragmar 5 killed by clone troopers

Master Traavis on Garqi killed by Commander Sarge

Master Luminara Unduli on Kashyyyk killed by Commander Faie

A Group of Jedi Masters at the Jedi Temple killed by Darth Vader

The Master of the Great Holocron at the Jedi Temple killed by Darth Vader

A Zabrak Jedi Knight at the Jedi temple killed by Darth Vader

Jedi Knight Nem Bess on Orto killed by Comander Deviss

Jedi Knight Olana Chion at the jedi temple killed by the 501st Leigon

Jedi Knight Serra Keto at the Jedi temple killed by Darth Vader

Jedi Knight Barriss Offee on Felucia Killed by Commander Galle

Jedi Knight Aayla Secura on Felucia killed by Commander Bly and the 327th Star Corps.

Jedi Knight Joopi She  Unkown how she Died

Jedi Knight Etain Tur-Mukan on Corusont killed by His Padawan (Unkown who it is) protecting a clone trooper.

Jedi Knight Tru Veld at the Jedi Temple killed by the 501st Leigon.

Two Jedi Knights killed on Murkhana by clone troopers

Padawan Bene killed at the Jedi Temple by Darth Vader

Padawan Zute Jocassa at the Jedi Temple killed by 501st Leigon

Padawan Whie Malreaux at the Jedi Temple killed by Darth Vader

Younling Sors Bandeam at the Jedi Temple killed by Darth Vader

Shian Letap at the Jedi Temple killed by Darth Vader

a clan of 4 younlings at the Jedi Temple killed by a Unkown person.

10 younglings at the Borgden training Facility killed by clone troopers.

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