Unification wars

a War that is Anciant with old worriers

Great Hyperspace war

A war a cross so many Systems

Beast wars

A war with beasts including the Zilo Beast

Great Sith War

The Sith Make a Empire to destroy the jedi

Manderlorene Wars

Manderlorines team up with the sith agaist the Jedi and the Geonosions

Jedi Civil War

Jedi go against each other

Sith Civil War

The Sith go against each other

Manderlorn Civil War

Manderlorns go agaist each other

Sith war 2

Sith make a perfect plan

Malak War

Darth Malak brings back his master, Darth Revan and tried to destroy the Galxy. but at the end Darth Malak is killed by Darth Revan

New Sith War

The sith have a hold of Secrot Sith order called the Blootherhood this includes Darth Plaeigus and Darth Sidous and Darth Maul

Stark Hyperspace war

The Jedi Defened the Galxy fron a unknown Threat.

Clone Wars

A Massive clone army go against a even bigger Army, Battle Droids

Outer rim War

At the end of the clone wars there is another war going on in the Outer Rim. This includes the Battle of Utiptia that ended the Clone Wars. The Outer Rim war continued in The Empire, but the Empire took in Charage of both sides of the Outer Rim, and Jabba the Hutt was forced to hand it over to them

Empire war

the Empire that used to be the good side but sinse the end of the clone wars Chancellor Palpatine made himself Emperor the Emperor wars called Darth Sidous they went against The Rebal Alliance

Lords War

Lead by Darth Sidous the Lords turned on Darth Sidous and Killed him but Carried on fighting on

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