Star Wars Characters-Their life in the movies!-Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader:

Anakin Skywalker was born a slave, But his mother knew that there was something special about him. Strongly attuned to the force, Anakin had the ability to sense events before thay had actually happened. He was only resourceful, intuitive and competitive, but also loving and kind. He had no father and was possibly conceived by the will of the force itself. Anakin Skywalker left an indelible on the history of the Galaxy, leading it through periods of lightness and dark. He would go on to become one of the most legendry figures in the Galaxy and, as the prophesied Chose one, ultimately bring balance to the force.

The Phantom Menace: One day in Anakin’s life Somepeople visited the shop he worked in. They were looking for a replacement engien for their Star ship. The names of the people were Qui Gwon Jinn Jar Jar Binks and Padm’e Amidala. They asked Watto the Toydarian who Anakin worked for if they buy an engine but unfortuanately they didn’t have enough money to buy one because Watto didn’t have anything on sale that was not expensive. Anakin Pointed out thta there was a podrace coming up and that if you win you win a lot of money. There was still something wrong though because Anakin’s mother Shmi didn’t want Anakin to enter because podracing was very dangerous but Anakin insisted that he would do it. In the end Shmi let Anakin and the Podracer was ready by then so Anakin could certainly race for the money. When the day came Qui Gwon Jinn met Watto and they had a covisation about winning and losing. What was going to happen was if Anakin won his mum would become a slave but if he lost he would stay as a slave. Qui Gwon Jinn had cheated though because he made the dice go like that because he used the force. When Anakin was lined up with the other racers the race started, But Anakin’s podracer didn’t start because Serbulba another racer had done something but Anakin was not to be beaten. He finally got it working and zomed off into the mist. Qui gwon and all the rest of the people that were supporting Anakin were either at the finish line and including Qui Gwon were up in a tall thing looking at a camera showing Anakin who had take over several people and was very near Sebulba which showed that he was a natural talent. Near the end of the race Anakin and Sebulba were the only two left and were on the final straight. Sebulba bumped Anakin lots of times making Anakin hit Sebulba. This one hit sent Sebulba crashing in his podracer and gave Anakin the victory but Sebulba did not die. Anakin claimed the money with great pride and straight away bought the engien and sold the podracer to Sebulba getting them lots of money to spend on them selves. Qui Gwon Jinn had seen some great stuff Anakin and asked him if he would like to come and train be an Jedi and maybe become the chosen one. Anakin was stunned and didn’t know what to do but he eventually went to become a Jedi. When they arrived at Corusant Palpatine was waiting for them. Anakin found this very nice and began to like Palpatine. Anakin in this time also got tested by the council seeing if he could become a Jedi, but Mace Windu and Yoda saw some bad things in Anakin like anger which Anakin did have. Later Palpatine was elected Chancellor. Also later but more later then the election Anakin went to Naboo to get their support in the war from them. Boss Nass was hard to convince but in the end Padm’e revealed herself as the Queen and that she had been using a decoy and got Boss Nass to help. Also Jar Jar was promoted to General to command the Gungan army because their was a war coming. Anakin went with Qui Gwon Jinn, Obi Wan and Padm’e with her guards to the palace to retake it from the Separatists. When they were there they ambushed the droids and got into a Hangar. Anakin was forced to get into Star fighter for safety because he hadn’t been given a weapon. All around him there was droids including Battle Droids and Droidekas and men dying but Anakin was on hand to help him friends. He drove the Star fighter out and shot the Droidekas and Battle droids letting his friends escape away but Anakin did not go with them he accidentally drove out of the Hangar into space where he met a battle going on around a big ship which was circular. Anakin went straight into the battle and learnt the controls of the ship quickly and made a great impact on the battle. Anakin eventually made a mistake by cutting the engines letting float into the Hangar. He met a lot of Droids but did not give up and turned the engines back on. He shot several times and blew the ship up from the inside. Luckily he escaped before the fires reached him and R2-D2 who had come with him. When he got back he met Obi Wan and was told the terrible news that Darth Maul killed Qui Gwon but had been killed by Obi Wan. Anakin attended Qui Gwon’s funeral and saw Qui Gwon’s body burn to ashes.

Attack of the Clones: Anakin had just been at an mission and was coming back to see Padm’e who he had not seen for a long time so he was very excited to see her again. When he gotbackhe heard news that Cord’e (Padm’e’s decoy) had been killed in an assassination attemp on Padm’e’s life which worried him. Luckily for Anakin he was allowed to protect Padm’e with Obi Wan but something happened. Anakin and Obi Wan started to sense something wrong and ran into Padm’e’s bedroom seeing that there was a robot at the window that had let in poisonous animals. Anakin went for the poisonous animals while Obi Wan smashed through the window grabbing onto the robot which flow off into the streets of Corusant. When Anakin had killed the poisonous Animals he ran to the Speeders and jumped into the fastest one so he could save Obi Wan. He didn’t stop and eventually saw Obi Wan but he was to late. Zam Wezzel had picked up her sniper rifle and shot the robot making Obi Wan fall. Anakin did all he could to catch Obi Wan and succeeded. Obi Wan fell into the speeder and was safe and commanded Anakin to go after Zam Wezzel. Unfortunately Anakin went the wrong way thinking that he was going a short cut and lost Zam Wezzel. But Anakin was not to be beaten and jumped out f the speeder and landed right on Zam Wezzel’s speeder. Anakin straight away stabbed his light-saber into the glass nearly reaching Zam’s body but missed. Zam fort back and tried to shoot Anakin but also missed. Anakin accidentally hit the controls with his light-saber and made the speeder crash. Zam got away but Anakin followed but was stopped by Obi Wan when Zam went into the pub. Anakin and Obi Wan slowly walked into the pub. Obi Wan had a drink while Anakin went totry and find Zam. But Obi Wan was doing something smart, he was luring Zam in and it worked. Zam approached Obi Wan but Obi Wan sensed her and quickly drew his light-saber and cut off Zam’s hand leaving her lying on the floor in pain. Anakin and Obi Wan dragged Zam out of the the pub into the into the street. They started asking Zam questions about her work but they were not quick enough. The man Zam worked for (Jango Fett) had shot a dart into her neck killing her. He did this because he didn’t want his identity to get known by the Jedi council. When they got back to the council they discussed the problem of the attempts on Padm’e’s life. They eventually decided that Anakin would go with Padm’e to Naboo so Padm’e was protected and in an unknown place of hiding. While Obi Wan would try and find out where the Bounty Hunter (Jango Fett) was hiding. When Anakin got to Naboo he started to flurt with Padm’e which was against the Jedi order but Anakin loved Padm’e to much. He eventually came to the point when he kissed her. Padm’e straight away refused to go on.But they were to late and Anakin had already broken one of the Jedi order rules. That night Anakin had nightmares of his mother dying. Anakin could not resist and at once said to Padm’e that they were leaving to Tatooine. Padm’e did not refuse because after all it was Anakin’s mother. When they arrived in Tatooine thay met Watto to see if he knew were Anakin’s mother was. Watto was very surprised with Anakin and told Anakin that he had sold his mother to a nice man who bought her out of slavery. Anakin went to this man and found out that his name was Cliegg Larrs but he had some bad news waiting for him. Cliegg told Anakin that his mother had been captured by tusken raiders when she had gone out to pick mushrooms to eat for dinner. There was also Cliegg’s son call Owen who had a girl friend at the time, Owen offered to lend Anakin his speeder bike so Anakin could go and search for his mother. Anakin accepted the offer staight away and within seconds was racing away through the dust. Anakin had been going on the search for a long time but he finally got to the camp of the Tusken Raiders. When Anakin got down from the cliff he snook in to the camp and sensed that his mother was in  one of the hutts. He cut a circle in the wall and stepped into the hutt. He saw his mother nealing on the floor tied up to some pieces of wood. Anakin was shooked and released her from the wood letting her see him. Shmi (Anakin’s mother) was amazed with Anakin and was so delighted that he had came to save her but Anakin was to late. Shmi put her head down and died, Anakin’s face went red with furry. He jumped out of the hutt and sluttered the tusken raiders even the children. Anakin had now broken another rule anger. The next day Anakin retured with Shmi’s boby in his hands. Shmi’s body was buried next to other relatived of Cliegg. That day Anakin was very angry and started to get angry with Obi Wan because he thought that Obi Wan was holding him back and that if he tested Anakin on everything Anakin would have been able to save his mother. Also that the day Padm’e saw a message from Obi Wan who was now on Geonosis. But the message was not all to plan. Juring the message Obi Wan had been captured. At first Anakin did not want to go but eventually Padm’e persuaed Anakin and they were off to Geonosis. When they got to to geonosis with C3P0 they went through the door causiosly. Unfortunately they did not see that hiding Geonosians and were ambushed by all sides Anakin did all of the attacking while Padm’e just ran away. When they were all dead they went to the door at the end of the corridor. they opened it and relised they were in a droid factory. Accidentally Padm’e fell out and fell on to a squishing table . Mean while Anakin was on the same squishing table but was soon forced to get off. Also this happened to Padm’e but it was badder for her because she fell into a lava pot which was going to be filled up with larva very soon. But R2D2 was on hand and came to the rescue. R2 got to the controls and shut down the controls just in time. Mean while Anakin was fighting off lots off Geonosians. It was going well intil his arm was stuck under some metal he now had to avoid the squishers by moving his body back and fourth. Unfortunately his light-saber was not with him, and even badder it had just been trampled. Anakin had just freed himself and ran to his light-saber but he was too late it was trampled and he had just been compromised. He met Padm’e afterwards in a cart waiting to go out into the arena. Padm’e in those short seconds revealed that she loved Anakin and kissed him before being pulled out into the execution arena. There they met Obi Wan who was tied up to a big pole. They both were also tied to a pole and waited. But Padm’e was smart and had gum in her hands and before the monsterous creatures that were meant to kill them were there she had climbed to the top of the pole. Meanwhile Anakin and Obi Wan had to avoid the creatures and were almost killed. But they were also smart and used the creatures weapons against the Geonosians. Obi Wan made the creature that was trying to kill him cut the chain that was attached to the pole and started to try and kill it with anything he could find. Anakin swang himself on to the creature that was trying to kill him and started to ride it. When he saw that Padm’e had just been scratched very badly and that Obi  Wan was getting beaten by the huge creature that faced him he went to help them both by letting them both jump onto the creature. They ran around the circled arena but eventually they were circled by loads of droids and had to surrender. But they were not beaten yet because in the distance they could see Jedi apearig all around the arena they were saved. In the distance where Count D0oku was Mace Windu apeared and put his light-saber blade at Jango Fett’s neck but sneaking up behind him were Super battle droids which had just been invented. He was forced to jump down into the areana. Jango Fett reated and fired his flame thrower at Mace but he only hit Mace’s cloak. The other Jedi were already in the Arena and were fighting off the droids and two of them gave Anakin  and Obi Wan light-sabers. Some of the Jedi that came to help were called, Ki-Adi Mundi, Kit Fisto, Aayla Secura, Luminara Unduli, Barris Offee, Coleman Trebor, Shaak Ti, Pablo Jill, Agen Kolar. Suddenly Coleman Trebor jumped up and tried to kill Count Dooku and Jango Fett but Jango was to quick and killed. Several Padawans were also with them and a lot of them were dying but a lot of droids were dying so they were equal but there was still a separatist trick coming. Out of the gate in the side of the arena Droidekas rolled out a put up there shields, the Jedi surrendered. But the Jedi also had a trick. In the clouds the Jedi and Padm’e who had picked up a battle droid’s gun saw a clone gunship flying into the arena. When it was closer they could all see that it was Yoda with some people that looked like robots but they were the clones that had been reported by Obi Wan when he had gone to Kamino. The clones were good fighters and saved the Jedi and the remaining padawans. Then the Jedi jumped into clone gunships and were flown to the desert but Anakin and Obi Wan stayed with Padm’e so they could go after Count Dooku who had recently run away and was on a spedder. They kept firing their missles until they were out and by that tie Count Dooku was still alive and the lasers that they shot did not hit because thay were slow and the speeder that was fast could easyily avoid them. Unfortunateley Padm’e fell out with a clone because the clone gunship was hit by a laser from another ship behind them. Anakin wanted to stop and save her but Oi Wan commanded them to carry on and complete the mission. When they got the landing zone that Count Dooku had ran into Obi Wan and Anakin followed him and the ship went off but straight away got shot down which was good for Padm’e. They saw Count Dooku and drew their light-sabers. Anakin was already furious and ran straight away but Count Dooku shot out some sith lightning at him and he was thrown into the corner. Obi Wan was steady and blocked the lightning when Dooku threw it at him. Obi Wan now ran at Count Dooku and started to fight him. They swayed around and knocked each other and didn’t die. But Count Dooku took the advantage and cut Obi Wan’s knee open but did not hurt him that much but it did make him fall on the floor. Count Dooku was about to kill him when Anakin jumped up and saved his master. Obi Wan passed Anakin his light-saber so Anakin had the upper hand but Count Dooku was a very good fighter. Dooku sliced one of the light-sabers and took the chance that he had goodly. He sliced Anakin’s hand off and had won. He now was about to kill Anakin but out of the shadows of the door came Yoda the wisest Jedi of them all. Dooku was furios and fired sith lightning at Yoda when he didn’t have his ligh-saber out but Yoda knew a rare move which blocked Sith Lighning. Yoda used the force to take his light-saber out of his belt and into his hand. He jumped at the Count and started the fight. They were both very skilled and the battle could not be won. Count Dooku decided to make a distraction so he escape.Dooku used tthe force tothrow objects at Yoda but he blocked them and threw them back into the wall. Dooku was now angry and had a better plan. He forced a big part of the wall and let it fall onto Anakin and Obi Wan but he knew that Yoda would try  and save them. But this was good for him because he could escape. Dooku did this and escaped. Just as he went Padm’e and some other clones came in to help. They aided Anakin and took him to the medical centre. They gave Anakin a metal arm and he was fine. But there was something else to be done, Anakin and Padm’e had to be married. They both went toNaboo again and got married inthe palace. The only people that were there were the priest R2D2 and C3PO.

Revenge of the Sith: Anakin and Obi Wan had a new mission. It was to go into the into the atmosphere called over Corusant and fight through the droids and get to a star ship which contained Count Dooku and General Grievous who was once and alien but had a bad injury and was turned into a Cyborg. While they were flying some of their clones were dying. Anakin wanted to go back to them and help but Obi Wan did not let him. They had been going through the battle for quite along time when some buzz droid missiles and needed to dodge them. Anakin did this with ease but Obi Wan did not like flying and fighting at the same time and could not dodge them. They hit him and the buzz droids shot out. Obi Wan did not know what do and he couldn’t really do anything because all his controls were broken. A few seconds later one of the buzz droids walked towards R4 and ripped his head off. Anakin decided that he had to help and tryed to shot the buz drods but only made it worse because when he shot some off he shot the wing off making it impossible to shoot. Eventually there was only one left and Anakin got the buzz droid onto his wing and let R2 take care of him. They were now flying near the control ship. They flew in and Obi Wan crash landed. As soon as they crashed Obi Wanjumped out of his Star fighter and started to slaughter the  battle droids. How ever Anakin needed to undo himself and took longer. Eventually he was out and was slaughtering the droids too. When all the droids were dead Obi Wan told R2 to locate the Chanceelor. The Chancellor was in a room that was on top of a tall spire. They knew where to go so theywalked tothe elavator. R2 followed but Anakin tolded him to stay and guard the ships. Obi Wanagreedand added that R2 should waitfor order in the hangar because there was a control pannel there which would beuseful forlocating the Chancellor. R2 sis as he wastold and watched Anakin and Obi Wanwalk into the elavator. Unluckily General Grievous had cameras and couldsee the Jedi so he stopped the elavator. Obi Wan and Anakin wereconfused with why it was stopped. Anakin with his curios personality cut a cirlw in the cealing while and jumped up onto the top. Obi Wan was not like Anakin and stayed in the elavator. He contacted R2 but there was two super battle drods in the Hangar so R2 didn’t do anything at first. In the end R2 made the elavator work but it when down making Anakin have to cling onto a ledge. Unfortunately for Anakin two Battle droids came through the door. Luckily for Anakin R2 got the elavator going up. This gave Anakin the chance to jump back in while the battle droids were hit by the elavator. When they got out of the elavator they saw the other elevator at the other end of the hall. As they got to the elvator they turned around and saw destroyer droids (Droidekas) and had to block the lasers that were fired at them. When they gotinto the elavator they were safe from the destroyer droids but notsafe from the battle droids that were alredy in the elavator. But the battle droids were no match and were slaughtered in a matter of seconds. The elavator arrived at the destanation the wanted to go to , the room that contained the chancellor. They saw him and walked down the stairs to get to the chair that the chancellor was sitting in. They asked him if he was OK but all he said was “Count Dooku”. Count Dooku and two other Super battle droids came into the room. Dooku jumped down and walked towards Anakin and Obi Wan. Count Dooku asked for their light-sabers but the jedi were not stupid and instead drew their light-sabers and charged. Dooku was skilled and the jedi could notget past his defence but Dooku could not get past their defence either. As they aproached the stairs Dooku kicked Obi Wan back and continued to fight Anakin up the stairs and past the super battle droids who were not ment to help. Obi Wan had now got up and was running up the stairs. Now the super battle droids helped but they were poorly programmed and missed every shot, letting Obi Wan come up and slice them in half. Obi Wan joined the fight again and gave Anakin the chance to have some shots but Dooku blocked them all. Dooku went for a big hit on them. He lifted Obi Wan up and at the same time kicked Anakin back. He was still holding Obi Wan when he saw that Anakin wasgetting back up he threw Obi Wan against a rail and forced the ledge onto Obi Wan making it impossible for him tomove without help but this did not matter because he was already unconsious. Meanwhile Anakin continued to fight Dooku. He kicked Dooku down to the bottom level and followed by flipping down. He struck Dooku’s light-saber and had a short convisation which was meant to turn Anakin to the dark side and nearly worked excepted when Anakin unleashed his anger he got the advantage. He struckDooku’s light-saber again but this time he held Dooku’s light-saber handle making him not be able to move it and then he cut off Dooku’s hands. He cought Dooku’s light-saber and put them both at Dooku’s neck. The chancellor congratulated Anakin but said lastly, “Kill him” in a cruel way. Anakin at first did not want to but in the end the chancellor forced him to much which made Anakin one step nearer to the dark side of the force. Anakin freed Palpatine from the chair and then ran over to Obi Wan to see if he was ok. Palpatine wanted to get aay without Obi Wan because he knew that he wold get in the way of his plan but Anakin didn’t listen to Palpatine and picked Obi Wan up and put him on his right shoulder. They ran to the elavator but only to find that the elavator was not working and to make it badder the ship was tipping downwards but they had the strength to pull them selves into the elavator and now the tipping was good because the elavator goes up but when tipped you can run across not down the elavator shaft. But the control droids in the cockpit but on the stableizers so the ship went back to the right degree so they all fell on to their backs. LuckilyPalpatine hang on to Anakin’s legand Anakin in the nick of time cought a wire and they were safe. But another elavator was coming. Anakin tried to contact R2 but it was to late, they had to drop. But Anakin and Obi Wan had sticky string and they threw it at a beam throwing them all into a elavator door. They were in another hallway and were running down it. But they were not wise enough tosense the ray shields that were just about to go over them. The ray shields covered them and Obi Wan was puzzled but Anakin calmed him by saying patience and that R2 would be along soon and releash them. Obi Wan agreed to patience but he didn’t agree to the bit that R2 would come and releash the ray shields. But Anakin was right in a way, R2 ccame flying in but he did not fly in on purpose he had been thrown by a droid. A super battle droid went near R2 but R2 zap him but then the super battle droid kicked R2 over. Obi Wan said, “do you have a plan B,” but Anakin didn’t. They were all cuffed and taken to the cockpit to meat General Grievous their target. Grievous greeted them but Anakin only said, “General Grievous, I expected you to be a bit taller,” Grievous was disgusted with ANakin and alsojust said, “Jedi scum.” A battle droid gave Grievous their light-sabers bt the Jedi were not Beaten. R2 made a diversion by blowing out smoke and at the same time freeing Obi Wan. When Obi Wan was free he forced his light-saber to himself and freed Anakin letting Anakin force his light-saber to himself. Grievous told the battle droids to stay at their stations and let the magnaguards take care of the Jedi but the magnaguards were no match and were losing their match. Obi Wan chopped off the head of the magnaguard that as fighting him but it was still alive. While Obi Wan was finishing off his magna guard Anakin cut down his and then ran over to Palpatine killed both the droids taking him away and then freed Palpatine from his cuffs. By now Obi Wan had finished off his magnaguard and was starting to kill droids. When all the droids that survived had run awayAnakin and Obi Wan confronted but Grievous was good and smashed the window open making the Jedi have to hold on for air but Grievous was a cyborg and let himself fly out of the window. Grievous also had sticky string and he used it to pull himself onto the ship again. Grievous climbed into one of the escape pods but set them all off so the Jedi could not escape. All the droids were now dead and the window was shut so Anakin and Obi Wan went t0 the ship controls followed by Palpatine and R2. It was hard to land the ship because it was nearly dead but Anakin was a skilled pilot and knew how to land it. But soon the ship was in two pieces and really in trouble but  Anakin didn’t give up and kept giving Obi Wan orders. They were now going really fast and were on fire and approaching the landing zone. But luckily there was some fire fighters near who helped them to land. When they landed they knocked down the control tower. But they were back safely and that was really all that mattered. When they got out they boarded a star bus so they could get to the senate building where Palpatine had to go. When they were there Obi Wan stayed in the star bus. Anakin was puzzled why he wasn’t coming so he asked but Obi Wan needed to go and report to the council and Obi Wan thought that Anakin deserved to have a day with the politicians. Anakin went with the Senators into the senate building. He walked with Bail Organa and talked about what was happening in the politics world. But Anakin saw Padm’e hiding in the darkness and ran over to her. When he got there Padm’e had some news for him. The news was that Padm’e was pregnant. This made Anakin have nightmares that night about Padm’e dying in child birth. Unfortunately Palpatine found this out and ask Anakin if he could have a talk with him. In this talk Palpatine who was actually Darth Sidious told Anakin about how he thought that Anakin should be a master Anakin was surprised about this and went to the council to consider it. The council were a bit annoyed about Palpatine trying to interfere with Jedi. In the end they let him on the council but they did not give him the rank of master. After the meating Anakin got angry with Obi Wan but Obi Wan told him that to be on the council at his age was good. Obi Wan at he end of the confiscation said, “look Anakin I did not want to put you in this situation but the council want you to spy on the chancellor,” Anakin was disgusted and said, “that’s treason I can’t spy on the chancellor or a friend”. Later that week the council discovered that General Grievous was hiding on Utapau. Palpatine requested that Anakin would come and have a talk with him. In this talk Palpatine said that he would like to make Anakin go and try and kill Grievous. In the next meeting Anakin told the council the Palpatine wanted Anakin to go but again the council said, “the council decide their own mission leaders.” In the end they decided that Obi Wan would go to confront Grievous which made Anakin even more annoyed because Obi Wan was his master. Later Obi Wan was due to go to Utapau and Anakin saw him off. Anakin complained a last time by saying, “You’ll need me on this one,” weirdly Obi Wan agreed but he couldn’t change it and as he went down the stair he said, “may the force be with you.” In that week Palpatine requested to see Anakin in the opera house. When he got there Palpatine made his guards and his friends go away so Anakin could have a private confiscation and sit down at the same time. Palpatine started to talk about a story on His old master Darth Plagueis who apparently had the power to save people from dying. Anakin asked if the power could be done by a Jedi but Palpatine replied no. Later Palpatine ask to see Anakin again and this time something quite amazing happened. When Anakin got to the the Chancellor’s chamber the Chancellor started talking about the ways of the force and about the Dark Side of the force, Anakin soon got the point of the meeting and took out his light saber and pointed it at the chancellor’s neck. But the chancellor wanted to do this because he was Anakin’s friend and he started to say things like I’m only trying to help you. Anakin soon relised that he couldn’t kill the Chancellor and rushed off back tothe Jedi temple. At the Jedi temple Anakin found Mace Windu walking with Kit Fisto, Sae See Tiin and Agen Kolar. Anakin quickly ran for help to them and told Mace Windu the news of Palpatine. Mace Windu replied, “You must go to the council room and wait until we return,” but Anakin wanted to come to pretect Palpatine because he couldn’t bare with out him because he needed to learn how to save Padm’e. Mce Windu wouldn’t let Anakin come and soon boarded a clone star ship with Kit Fisto, Sae See Tiin and Agen Kolar. The Jedi soon arrived at the senate building and made their way to the Chancellor’s chamber. When they got there they barged through thr door. Chancellor Palpatine tried to pretend that he did not know about anything and said, “I ges you have come to tell me that General Grievous has been defeated.” The Jedi did not laugh or even stutter as Kit Fisto so often did. All they did was say, “you are under arrest.” They drew their light saber’s and stared Palpatine in the eye. Palpatine grinned and let them know who he really was by showing them his Sith Light Saber. Palpatine stood up and throw him self at Agen Kolar. Under a second later Palpatines light saber was in Agen Kolar, he turned around and met Sae See Tiin and but he also killed him by swiping his chest. He turned around again and had a short lived duel with Kit Fisto but again Kit was struck down (there is a huge theory that Kit Fisto survived.) Finally there was Mace Windu. They battled for a long time until they reached the common room. When they were at the window Mace cut the glass Window, then there was another short lived duel. While this was happening Anakin was not obeying Mace’s instuctions and was flying in a ship to the senate building. When Anakin got to the common room (rumour says that he met Kit Fisto on the way through Palpatine’s chambers) he saw that Mace had knocked Palpatines light-saber out of the window and was pointing his light saber at Palpatine. Anakin rushed to help Palpatine. He tried to persuade Mace that he needed Palpatine but Macedidn’t listen and said that he must kill him. But suddenly Palpatine shot out a blaze of sith lighting at Mace, but Mace blocked it and sent it back into Palpatines face making him wrinkled. Palpatine soon couldn’t bare the lightning and stopped. Mace was about to make the final move but Anakin couldn’t bare without Palpatine and as Mace raised his hand Anakin took out his light-saber and cut off Maces hand. Palpatine letout another blast of Sith lightning sending Mace Windu out the window in the streets of Corusant. (There is a rumour that he could of landed in a passing by sppeeder and went in to hiding.) Palpatine stood up slowly a congratulated Anakin on becoming a Sith but Anakin was shocked with what he had just done but he couldn’t change it now he had helped kill a fellow Jedi. He looked at Palpatine and knelt. Palpatine told him his latest mission, “You are to gather Clones and defeat all Jedi, Younglings everyone who stands in your way kill them, and don’t worry the clones will be with you.” Anakinarrived and the temple with a whole battlalion of Blue clone troopers who pretected the Jedi temple, but now the were on the wrong side because Palpatine had unleashed a code call Order sixty six. This was somethingthathad been planted by the Kaminions in the back of every clones head and when said thay would turn against any Jedi around them and kill them. Unfortunately the Kaminions didn’t know what the order would do so they did what they were told straight away. Meanwlile on other planets like,  Utapau, Mygeeto, Kashyyyk and Fulucia Jedi were getting struck down. On Utapau Obi Wan was caught off guard by his fellow friend Commander Cody and was hit by a heavy cannon bolt but luckily for him he survived because the heavy cannon bolt did not directly hit him. On Mygeeto Ki-Adi-Mundi was shoot by his fellow Clone Friend Commander Bacara, unluckily for Ki-Ad-Mundi he was hit by about more then ten laser bolts and also was caught off guard so there was no chance of him surviving and he didn’t. On Kashyyyk Yoda was tested against Commander Gree but Yoda had to much skill and cut down Commander Gree and the Scout Trooper next to him (some people say that Commander Gree Survived by bending his head back s only his helmet came off,) also Luminara Unduli was killed by Commander Gree’s Scout (Some people think that Gree survived and turned back the wright side and later commanded his troops to not kill any more Jedi). On Fulucia Commander Bly was with Barris Offee and Aayla Secura, they all were caught off guard and were all killed and lefted lying in the plant infested planet. Meanwhile Anakin was walking through the Jedi temple, the people he killed were Jocasta Nu, all the younglings and a few Jedi that are unknown. Afterwards he reported that his mission was complete to Darth Sidious. Then Sidious gave Anakin a new mission. The mission was to go to Mustarfare and wipe out the Separatist leaders including Nute Gunray and Poggle the Lesser. But first Anakin went to Padm’e to tell her that the Jedi had tried to destroy the Senate but the real thing was that the Senate was trying to kill the Jedi. But Padm’e believed Anakin. Anakin went back to his star fighter and flew off to Mustarfare. When he arrived on Mustarfare he went to the control room where all the Separatist leaders were Po Nudo, San Fac, San Hill, Poggal, Rune Haaku, Tikkes . They greeted him but he did not react, all he did was draw his light-saber and and give them the message that they were all going to die. He started to slaughter them all in seconds half were dead. None of them had the power to defeat Anakin. When there was only two left such as Nute Gunray and a Wat Tambor. He went for Gunray, Gunray trembled trying to persuade Anakin to stop but he couldn’t and was just slaughtered like the rest of them (no one knows if he killed the other Separatist or even notice him.) For the rest of that hour Anakin just walked around the system. But when he was in the control room he noticed that the tracker had seen a Rebublic ship incoming. He ran outside and noticed that t was Padm’e. His spirits suddenly rose and he ran down to the landing zone. Padm’e ran out of the Rebublic ship and hugged Anakin. She started to lecture about Obi Wan telling her about Anakin killing Younglings and turning to the Dark Side. But Anakin used this as a good thing and said that he could overthrow the chancellor and have things the way he wanted. But now Padm’e believed Obi Wan and said, “Obi Wan was right you have turned to the Dark Side. But Anakin only replied, “I don’t want to hear any more about Obi Wan.” Padm’e started to cry. Then said, “I love you,” But Anakin again only replied, “LIAR!!” He started to strangle Padm’e. Now Obi Wan had appeared and shouted out, “Let her go Anakin.” Anakin let her go but she was already knocked out. Obi Wan walked down the ramp and took off his cloak, Anakin followed, they both started to circle until Obi Wan was at Padm’e. Anakin started to lecture about how he had brought piece to his new Empire. Obi Wan was puzzled with this and replied, “you new Empire, Anakin the Sith are evil,” Anakin replied, “If your not with me then your my enemy.” Obi Wan drew his light-saber and said, “I will do what I must,” Anakin replied you’ll try.” He leaped backwards doing a flip in the are. They started to fight. They both threw great hits but neither could get through the other ones defence. They went into the first control room still fighting. They went into hall way and continued to fight. Anakin eventually got the beeter of Obi Wan. He had Obi Wan in a head lock and was lowering his light-saber onto hit neck. But Obi Wan was strong enough to throw Anakin off him and continueing the fight. They started to kick each other over but after they had both been knocked over by the other Obi Wan knocked Anakin other again and nearly got him but Anakin forced his light-saber to himself just in time. They continued to fight through hall ways and control room until they came to one where they noth forced each other. They both stayed where they were for a few seconds but then both of them flew backwards. Anakin got up first and jumped at Obi Wan. But Obi Wan moved making Anakin hit the control panel making the bridge drop into the larva. But it did it slowly letting them get onto it and get across. When they got to the end of the bridge Larva was flying up onto the bridge so they took cover. When the Larva stopped them came out again and fighted and walked at the same time. They walked onto another bridge that was tipping downwards when it was tipped to much they had to cling on. Obi Wan was higher than Anakin giving Obi Wan the advantage. The bridge had nearly sunk so Obi Wan found a rope and swung off the bridge. Anakin found another rope and followed. they Swang to and throw until they were about to fall of the larva fall. Obi Wan swung off onto a raft while Anakin swang back onto a bridge and ran accros it, when he was at the end he jumped and landed on a larva droid. The larva droid was on Anakin’s side so it dropped the larva it had in it’s hands and flew towards Obi Wan. While they were chasing each other they had a confisation. “Anakin the Sith are evil, you swour that you would kill them and now you are one,” “in my point of view the Jedi are evil,” “WELL THEN YOU ARE LOST!!” They now could reach other and were fightoing but soon Obi Wan’s raft snock away out of range. Then Obi Wan said as Anakin grew closer, “I have failed you Anakin, I have failed you.” Suddenly Anakin flipped ontot he back of Obi Wan’s raft. Anakin nearly fell off but just stayed on. He carried on fighting Obi Wan for a while until they came to a hill. When Obi Wan was under pressure he decided to flip backwards onto the hill. He said to Anakin, “it’s over Anakin I’ve got the high ground.” But Anakin was determined to put an end to Obi Wan’s life. Obi Wan could see in Anakin’s eyes what he was about to do, “Don’t try it Anakin.” But he could not stop Anakin. Anakin fliped onto the hill but Obi Wan was ready and cut off Anakin’s two legs and his non-electric arm. Anakin fell down the hill just not touching the larva. “Anakin you were my brother how could you,” said Obi Wan in a sad voice. But Anakin did not have the strength to speek. When Anakin did have the strength to speek all he said was, “I HATE YOU!!” As Anakin’s body cought fire Obi Wan walked over the back to the ship because he couldn’t bare to see Anakin burnto death. But Anakin was strong and survived the larva amazingly. Beause Darth Sididous had sensed that Anakin was in trouble he had gone to Mustarfare with some Shock Troopers. When Darth Sidious arrived at the place where Anakin lay he walked down to Anakin and was amazed that he had survived. They got Ankin onto and stretcher and took him to there ship. When they arrived back in Corusant they took Anakin to a Empirial medical-centre. They started to fix Anakin by giving him new legs and a new arm. When they had replaced the bones they replaced the skin. This was all very painful for Anakin. When he had all his skin back they but him in a laser proof suit. Then they put the a full face mask which was two separate pieces. The pieces were the mask and the other was the helmet. When they were finished they made the operating table go up letting Anakin now Darth Vader get out. They first noise he made in his robot suit was breathing noises that were made louder by the speaker. The frst proper sentence he said was, “My lord is Padm’e alright,” Darth Sidious replied, “It seems that you killed her when you strangled her on Mustarfare.” This was not true, Darth Sidious said this because it made Anakin have more anger. Anakin replied, “No she was alive I felt it.” Anakin now believed Darth sidious and showed his anger. He ripped his cuffs off the operating bed and used the force to kill all the medical droids. Then he cried out, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” (Padm’e actually died in child birth and We shall now call Anakin Darth Vader.)

  1. A New Hope: Vader was on a Star Destroyer and was chasing a Rebel Cruiser. They were chasing the Rebel cruiser because Princess Leia was on board the Rebel Cruiser. They were shooting the Rebel Cruiser lots of times making it slow done making  it easier for them to catch up. Eventually the Rebel Cruiser broke down letting the Empirial Star Destroyer catch up. The Star Destroyerwent under the Rebel Cruiser so that they could breech and board. The Breeched and went to another door where they new some Rebels would be waiting for them. They breeched the door and emediately slaughtered the Rebels, only a few Storm Troopers died. They were followed by Vader and some more Storm Troopers. Vader ordered his remaining Storm Troopers to, “Search the ship for her, kill everybody that stands in your way but spare the Princess.” The Storm Troopers stormed off round the corner leaving Vader with his guards which he probably didn’t need. He spent his time searching for hiding places were Princess Leia could be. Before he found one other Storm Troopers came back with a Rebel leader called Captain Antilleas. The Storm Troopers through him down letting Vader use Sith strangle on Antilleas. “Tell me your plans and were the Princess is,” Said Vader cruely, “you’ll get nothing out of me,” “Rebel  fool.” Antilleas fell to the floor dead in his orange Rebel Captain suit. Just as he fell Princess Leia came round the corner in cuffs held by Storm Troopers. “Lord Vader, you’ll pay for this.” “I think you will find that you will pay the price as a prisoner.” Just as Vader said that word they all heard a blast signalling that someone had escaped in an escape pod. They boarded the Star Destroyer againand set of to the new Imperial space station which was called the Death Star. When they got there Storm Troopers took Leia to a prison cell while Vader went to Grand Moff Tarkin to talk about plans. Grand Moff Tarkin told him that the Death Star could kill a planet in one shot. This gave Vader a good idea for Leia. Vader requested to see Leia so he could threaten her and show her what she was in for. When Leia was in the control room she saw through the window her home planet Alderaan. Grand Moff Tarkin signalled the control men they signalled the laser gun men and out of no where came a laser bolt which blew up Alderaan. Leia started to cry because she know that the person that brought her up Bail Organa was on Alderaan meaning that he must have just died. “Tell us your plans or your second favourite planet will die.” Leia remained silent and was taken away back to her cell. “Are you going to try it again now,”  “no,” “why” “because I don’t want to!” Later that week Vader went to a meeting where they discussed all their plans. One of the Admirals did not agree with Vader. But the Admiral was wrong to not agree because Vader did not like being disagreed with. Vader started to strangle the Admiral, just when the admiral was about to die Grand Moff  Tarkin stopped Vader because they needed all the Admirals they could get. Later that week Vader was informed that there was an incoming ship. Vader replied, “put the magnifier on them so we can check who they are.” They did this and soon the ship was in the hangar. Vader was watching from a window to see what was going on. Some troops wen into the ship. They did not come out for quite a while but they did come out and they said that there was no one there so the storm Troopers all went away. After this Vader went back to his office and relaxed for a while. In the middle on his nap he suddenly sensed that something was wrong and ran to the door of his office and downt he corridor. When he had gone through a few doors he saw that Obi Wan Kenobi was walking to another door. Vader drew his Light-Saber letting Obi Wan know that Vader had found him. “Master I knew you would come back,” Said Vader, “You know that you can not win we have done this before,” said Obi Wan trying to stop Vader from being a terror, “you don’t scare me I shall win this time I am muck more powerful with the Dark Side of the Force!” “Your choice!” Obi Wan drew his Light-Saber and slowly walked to Vader. The to men were now quite old making the fighting slow. They each struck the  other but their defences were to good. Then they made it a bit more exiting and had a short duel, Obi Wan nearly got through but Vader was still a quick fighter. They continued to fight until Luke Skywalker (Vader’s son,) Han Solo, Chewbacca and Princess Leia (Vader’s daughter) Luke turned around to see Obi Wan. Obi Wan then relised that that Luke needed to defeat Vader so he stood down. Luke started to shout to Obi Wan trying to make him keep on fighting Vader but he could not stop Obi Wan or Vader. Vader stabbed Obi Wan but Obi Wan’s body vanished. Vader stamped on Obi Wan’s cloak but he was not there. This made Vader angry because he knew that Obi Wan was now “One with the Force!” Luke started to shoot Storm Troopers because of his anger but Han succeeded with pulling him on Luke on before he got shot. Vader saw them wizz out of the Death Stars hangar. Vader knew that they were going to the Rebel base. Also he knew that they would launch an attack on the Death Star. Because of this Vader prepared all the Troops and told them that they would have to fight in the air. Later that week someone on the Death Star spotted a incoming X-Wing, in fact he saw a whole fleet coming with lots of X-Wings and lots of A-Wings and lots of B-Wings. He alerted most people on the Death Star and they all boarded their ships. Vader took two pilots with him and led a little fleet of his own. Vader made Grand Moff Tarkin stay in the Death Star. The battle began and all ready Rebels and Imperial Troops were dying but Vader only wanted Luke because Luke was powerful with the force and he needed Luke on his side. Eventually Vader found Luke in one of the alley ways of the Death Star. He chased Luke down the alley with his two assistants. But Luke killed one of them, and then the other but Vader was still chasing him and Luke could not get Vader. Vader was about to shot Luke when he was suddenly hit by a laser bolt making him fly out of the alley way letting Luke put the bombs in the Death Star. As Vader saw this he knew that Grand Moff Tarkin was dead and that the Death Star was dead. As he heard the bang of the explosion he saw Luke the remaining Troops and the wretched man who stopped him from making Luke crash in his ship. But Vader remembered that ship and it payed off. Vader got back to another Star Destroyer and found himself back with Darth Sidious
  2. The Empire Starikes Back: Vader was still on the Star Destroyer that Sididous was on but he had just come up with the idea of sending down some Probe Droids to spy on different Planets of the Galaxy. As the Probes flew out one headed for Hopth the Planet which Luke Skywalker had discovered and it was where the Rebel base was. Vader waited until he received the call from the Probe saying that it had spotted a base and that it was owned by the Rebel Alliance. Vader organised a full scale attack on the Planet sending all forces that were available to go down to Hoth and estroy the Rebels and capture Luke Skywalker who was actually his son. As the Captain of the Empireal Army contacted Vader saying that they had landed Vader commanded them to attack. Then he got into another ship and flew down to Hoth so he could meet Luke and turn him to the Dark side of the Force. As he boarded the ship  he got contacted again from the Captain leading the Imperial fleet. But this time it wasn’t good news it was bad news. Rebel Snow Speeders were coming at them and they could take down the At-Rts but they couldn’t take them down easily. Vader ordered them to take them down no matter what a then stopped the transmission. The ship Vader was in flew down to Hoth. As it approached Hoth the pilots put the ship into landing mode and the ship soon landed inside Echo base Vader walked out of the ship and saw that one of the Snow trooperspicked up a signal saying that some Rebels were going to one of the hangars in Echo base. The Snow Troopers went ahead trying to catch up with Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewie and C-3p0. Vader followed them but when he had reached the hangar the Rebels were in the Falcon and had all ready turn on the engine. Vader saw the Falcon fly out of the hangar followed by a X-Wing. He sensed that it contained Luke Skywalker who had also escape the Emperial forces. Vader was dissapointed in his men and thought that they were ready to be lowered in rank. Vader went back to the ship and headed back up to the Star Destroyer When he got back to the Star Destroyer he ask his Admiral to call some of the galaxies most popular bounty hunters including Boba Fett, Bossk, Zussk, Dengar, IG88 AND 4-LOM. He hired these top class bounty hunters because he needed to track down Han Solo because he could give Solo to Jabba the Hutt who was very annoyed with Solo because he didn’t pay Jabba back for something, and Jabba would guive him a good price so he could then pay the bounty hunters to kill or bring Luke Skywalker Vader’s son to the Dark Side of the force. They set out on there mission and left Vader to have a nice and deserving rest. A few rotations later Vader received a message from Boba Fett saying that he had spotted Han Solo heading to Cloud City. Vader immediately ordered his ship to fly to Cloud City so he could c0llect his prise. The pilots pressed the button to get them to Hyper space. When they left Hyper space they launched another ship holding Darth Vader and a big bunch of Storm Troopers. Then they contacted Boba Fett. “Lord Vader, I have compromised Cloud City and have threatened to kill everybody if they don’t trick Han Solo and his friends into believing Lando Calrissian that they were safe at Cloud City,” Said Fett “Good Boba I will meet you there.” He ended their Confisation. Soon they landed and hid the ship. Vader walked in to meet Boba Fett and Lando Calrissian. “I expect you to keep to the plan Lando,”Said Vader and then walked away to his part. Then Fett left Lando so the plan could come through. Lando saw the ship land and then told Vader with a signal. Vader waited in the dinner room. 5 minutes later he received another signal. This meaned that Vader’s prise were about to enter the room. The door opened and the victim’s came through the door. Han Solo shot but it diddent effect Vader in his suit. He called Han’s blaster to his hand and held it tight. Then Han looked around at Lando but there wasn’t just Lando, there was also Boba Fett and a load of Storm Troopers. Han Solo and his friends were immediately inprisoned and were taken to the torture rooms, well at least Han was. Vader stood beside Han and heard him scream as he was tortured. When the torture was fininshed Han was put back with Chewwy. Maybe a few hours later One of Lando’s men picked up a signal saying that there was a in coming X-Wing Fighter which Vader prosumed to be his son Luke and he was right. Vader knew Luke would try and stop him from his lovely plan well to him it was lovely but not to poor Han Solo. He got his men to get Han out of his cell and ordered them to take him to the room that would freeze him in disgusting carbonite. They put Han in the circle and then Vader ave th order but before he could Chewwy burst out with anger but Han calmed him and said thast he would be all right. Chewwy calmed and let Vader give the order again. As he did so The circular platform went down and when it was down there was a gush of smoke. When the platform came back up Han was frozen in Carbonite. Chewwy groaned once more. Lando checked the Carbonite to see if Han had survived and he had. This was good fo Vader. Then Vader ordered Boba to take the prisoners away to Tatooine including Han. They were all going to Jabba the Hutt’s palace to be inprisoned for life. One of Lando’s men came to Vader and told him that Luke Skywalker had landed. Vader sensed that Luke would go to the carbonite freezing room so Vader went wait for him there. As Vader walked there Boba called him to say that the prisoners were escaping but without Han. Vader really didn’t care about the extra payment so he just told Boba to carry on with only Han. Boba went with Han to his ship. Vader was in the Carbonite room waiting and them he saw Luke. He hid in the darkbness and then appeared at the top of the stairs. They had a little discussion and then Luke started the fight. Luke jumped up to Vader and started to fight. They fighted wildly because of Luke’s bad experience of fighting with the force. Vader looked in control completely and was fighting this a dawdle. Vader knocked the ligh-sabre away from Luke’s hand. Luke jumped to a pipe a squirted a lot of gas in Vader’s face. But Vader had a mask and the gas on blinded his vision of the world around him. Luke used the force to call his light-sabre to him. Vader went to fight Luke again but Luke jumped away Vader walked through hall ways sensing his way to Luke. Finally he found Luke so he egnited his Light-Sabre. But theVader forced a box at Luke and another and another, and the last one hit the window. Luke was sucked out but Vader held onto something. He walked out and saw Luke. He jumped to him and they egnited fight Luke was weak and his fighting was lacking skill. His hand was weak. Vader swung his light-sabre cutting Luke’s hand off. He fell onto another ledge and walked back. Vader said, “I’am your father Luke join me and together we the galaxy,””YOUR NOT MY FATHER NO NO NO!!!” “I’am Luke join me!!” “No I’ll never join a Sith!!” Luke jumped off the ledge down to one of the wholes in the wall. Vader peared over the edge and then
  3. walked back in knoing he had won the first round.

Return of the Jedi: Vader had been told that the Second Death had nearly been complete and was in use. He wanted to see how things were working so he said that he was going to visit and if anything was wrong he would punish the Admiral and sought things out. When he arrrived in his Shuttle Vader ordered for things to add up better because they needed to defeat the rebel alliance. Later his new Admiral, Admiral Piett said that Scout Troopers on Endor had spotted Jedi and Rebel Alliance members. Vader wanted more guards at the base and he wanted to go himself because he had a feeling that General Solo and Skywalker would be there with Leia. He got onto his special shuttle and headed for Endor, the moon directly beneath the Death Star. He arrived and saw that the station had been protecting the Base that had the lever to shut down the force field on the Death Star for one day against the Ewoks. But then he heard that there had been signs of more planning by the Ewoks. Three days later some Scout Troopers came running to Darth Vader followed by two normal Storm Troopers holding a hand cuffed Luke Skywalker wo had finally accepted that his father was Darth Vader. “Hello Father,” said Luke calmly, “I see you have finally accepted that I am your Father Luke, good.” “I will not join you father, I have sacrificed myself to bring you back to the Light Side, I know theres still good in you.” “Your wrong, and know you will meet Lord Sidious my master and he shall decide your fate on the second Death Star. They arrived in the second Death abourd Vader’s shuttle. Luke was immediatley brought to the Emperors special chamber which would be guarded by the best from the Empirial Academy. Luke walked through the door and saw the Emperor sitting in his comfortable chair. His crinkled face disgusting to look at. “Join me or I will defeat your friends Luke, you are the son of the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy, you were born to the sith.” “I’ll never join you Sidious.” “Well then strike me down and you will win.” Vader knew what Sidious was doing. He was luring Luke to the Dark Side. But at the last second he had to stop Luke and fight him. But he knew that Sidious wanted him dead and to train Luke. Suddenly Luke summoned his Light sabre from Sidious swun it but Vader quickly blocked it and then the fight began. Luke quickly knocked Vader back. Vader did a back flip but landed easily for his age. Luke quickly took advantage but was knocked back and went to hide. “If you do not join your sister will Luke.” Luke was raged. He jumped out and Vader was being pushed back and Back. When they came to a ledge with a fence Vader was knocked over. Luke brought his blade up and down three times but Vader blocked them. But Vader couldn’t block the last and Luke took his hand off. Luke saw the wires and realised that that was the second hand Vader had lost. “Good Luke Good,” came the voice of Sidious “the bond is complete. You are a Sith warrior. “I’ll will never join you,” said Luke throughing his Lightsabre away. Suddenly a burst of Sith Lightning came from Sidious’ hands. Luke was riggling all over the floor crazily muttering, “father help me.” Vader had chosen what to do. He leapt up slowly walked over to Sidious slowly. Raised his arms and lifted Sidous up and through him over the fence and into the Death Star Engine. Vader fell down immediately and Luke ran over to him. “I knew there was still good in you father.” “Luke take off my helmet.” “But you’ll die?” “You have the right to know what I look like.” Luke causiosly took of Vader’s helmet and saw Vader’s crumpled face. It was Anakin Skywalker. Luke’s real father who would die a Jedi not a Sith. Vader slowly die off but had just then become one with the force. He was a ghost. Luke climbed into a random shuttle and flew out  of the Death Star just before it blew up. When he got to Endor he put Vader’s dead body on a fire and he burnt. Then Luke looked around to see a Young version of Anakin Skywalker sitting next to Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda the man who had handed the rank of Jedi Grand Master over to Luke Sywalker who would re-begin the Jedi order!!!!

Year of Birth: 41 BBY

Year of Death: 4 ABY

Died: Killed by Sith Lightning/unable to breathe.

Known Masters: Obi Wan Kenobi, Ki-Adi Mundi and Darth Sidious.

Known Apprentices: Ahsoka Tano, Galen Marek.

Weapon: Light-saber

Colour of Light-Saber: Blue/Red

Ships: Delta-7 (Jedi Star fighter), Podracer

Astromech Droid: R2-D2

Specie: Human

Home planet: Tatooine

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