Clone wars timeline

-22 Battle of Geonosis (death of many Jedi.)

Yoda Visits Kamino

Mace Windu Arrives On Geonosis

Death of Coleman Trebor

Death of Jango Fett

Clone arrival

Death Star Plans given from Poggel the Lesser to Count Dooku

Death Star Plans given from Count Dooku to Darth Sidious

Clones go aboard ships and our taken to every Planet

Mavelionce Builed

-21 Battle of Muunlinst

-21 Battle of Hypori

-21 Battle of Jabiin

-21 Battle of Colrilla

Ki Adi Mundi’s family Killed

-21 Battle of Tatooine

-21 Battle of Chritophis

ARC troopers move into action

-21 Battle of Mon Calermori

Kit Fisto Goes in the waters

-21 Battle of Dantooine

Mace Windu falls into a trap

ARC Troopers rescue Mace Windu

-21 Battle of Christophersis

Rotta is Kidnapped

-21 Battle of Teth

Rotta is Rescued

Obi Wan Comes to The  Rescue

-21 Battle of Toydaria

Yoda Arrives

King katuuno joins the Replic

-21 Battle of Naboo

Mavelionce moves above Naboo

Padm’e is Kidnapped

-21 Battle of Roysi

Roysi is Invaded

Cody and Rex Come to the Rrescure

Outpost Destroyed

-21 Battle of Naboo

Blue Shadow Virus Ascaped

-21 Battle of Eago

Anakin and Obi Wan Try to Find a Cure

-21 Battle of the moons

Anakin and Obi Wan Find the Cure

-21 Battle of Ryloth

Anakin attacks the Separsatists war Ship

Obi Wan Rescures The Twi’leks

Mace Windu Meets Cham Sandulla

Wat Tambor Surrendors

Droid Bombos are Destroyed by Anakin and Ahsoka

Orn Free Taa Arrives on Ryloth

-20 Battle of Geonosis

Cody makes a Plan

Obi Wan and Ki Adi Mundi Leave

Luminara and Barriss Arrive

Luminara, Barriss, Anakin and Ahsoka destroy the weapon Factory

Ahsoka and Barriss Leave

Ki Adi  Mundi and Obi Wan Arrive

Luminara Looms For Poggle

Luminara is Captued

Obi Wan and Anakin Rescure Luminara and Capture Poggle

-20 Battle of Manderlore

-20 Battle of Fulcia

-20 Battle of Malaster

-19 Battle of Kamino

-19 Battle of Ryloth

-19 Battle of Corusant

-19 Battle of Yankali (Death of Halsey and Nox)

-19 Battle of Lola Sayu

-19 Battle of Vjan

-19 Battle of Corasant ( death of Count Dooku)

-19 Battle of Utupau (death of General Grievous)

-19 Anakin discovers that Palpatine is Darth Sidious

-19 Death of Agen Kolar (definately died because he was stabbed and the light-saber went straight through his body)

-19 Death of Saesee Tiin (may have survived because he was hit lightly but he is the most unlikely to have survived out of the three.)

-19 Death of Kit Fisto (may have survived more of a chance then Saesee Tiin because Darth Sidious only hit him lightly and may have not even of reached his body.)

-19 Death of Mace Windu (May have survived by falling into a passing by speeder)  

-19 Order Sixty Six (Makes Clones turn against their Jedi Generals)

-19 Battle of Mygeeto (death of Ki Adi Mundi killed by Commander Bacara)

-19 Battle of Fulucia (death of Aalaya Secura, Barriss Offee both killed by Commander Bly)

-19 Battle of Kashyyyk (Death of Luminara Unduli killed by Captain Faire)

-19 Death of Commander Gree. (May have survived because it looks like he bends his head back when Yoda kills the Scout next to Gree. Some people say that he turned back to the Jedi side.)

-19 Clone wars end because the clones are now Stormtroopers.

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