The Story Of The Skywalkers

This the story of the skywalkers. It starts with Shimmi, Shimmi has a baby in Gadulla the Hutt’s Palace. The baby was called Anakin. They both than were slaves of  Gadulla. Than one day a Toydarin came and paid for Anakin and Shimmi. So then they worked for Watto. Then four people came one of tham said that he would have Anakin. So Anakin did the Mos Esly Pod Race, he had to beat Surbulba. and he won So Qui Gwon Jinn Took him to Corursant. Than Anakin became a padawan lerner of Qui Gwon Jinn’s apperence Obi Wan. Anakin was really angry when Shimmi died. Anakin then married Padm’e on Nahboo and turned to the Dark Side to save her from dying like his Mother. Anakin fought his master Obi Wan and lost, but however won is next face to face ,Obi Wan turned into a ghost. Then he orded these bounty hunters to find Han Solo. List of Bounty Hunters: IG-88, Denger, Boba Fett, Bossk, 4- Lom and Zessk. Then fought is son on Cloud City and won but Luke did not die. Then they went againt him again but this time lost but did not die. Then Luke went against Darth Sidous and was losing in till Darth Vader got up and saved his son by destroing Darth Sidous and him self. Then Darth Vader became a ghost like Yoda and Obi Wan and Luke made a Jedi adcadmany

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