If you were a Clone

Which one of these sutes you most?

A: Rolly Polly?  B: Jumping Shoot?  C. Slide Shoot?  D: Suicide?  E: Rescuer?  F: Steady aim?  G: Survivalist?

What would you do if  your Commander was killed?

A: Commit Suicide  B: Give up on your mission  C: Stay strong and take charge?

Which of these Sith would you most want to shoot and killl? (Try to pretend that you were a good clone through the whole trilogy and afterwards.)

A: Assaj Ventress?  B: Count Dooku?  C: General Grievous?  D:  Savage Oppress?  E:  Darth Sidious?  F: Darth Vader?  G: Darth Plageis?  H: Darth Bane?  I: Marka Ragnos?

What would you do if one of the clones killed another clone?

A: Kill the clone?    B: Arrest the clone?   C: Tell the Jedi council?

What would your favourite Jedi General be?

A: Anakin?   B: Obi Wan?  C: Yoda?

What would your weapon be

A: DC-15 Blaster Pistol (semi automatic) B: DC-15 Blaster Rifle (semi automatic) C: DC-17 Blaster Pistol (semi automatic) D: DC-17  Twin Blaster Pistols (semi automatic) E: DC-16 Rocket Laucher (non automatic) F: DC-16 Z6 Rotary Blaster Cannon (fully automatic)

If your friend died would you

A: Kill that person that killed him          B: Kill your self      C: Stay with your friend     D: Carry on fighting      E: Surrender

If you had to surrender would you?

A: Give up all hope of being saved?   B: Would you commit suicide?   C: Argue with the guards?

Which of these terrains would you like to do a mission in?

A: Rainforest?   B: City?   C: Country side?   D: Desert?   E: Mountain range?   F:  Enemy base?   G: In  the middle of no where?

Which of these Clone Commanders would you like to be commanded by?

A: Commander Cody?   B: Commander Bly?   C: Commander Gree?   D: Commander Bacara?   E: Commander Deviss?   F: Commander Neyo?   G: Commander Thire?   H: Commander Odball?

If you saw the chosen one killed right infront of you what would you do:

A: Gasp in shock and completly give up?    B: Commit Suicide?    C: Run away?    D: Not care about your self and try and kill all the enemy?

What would you do if your Jedi General was killed by the most powerful Sith in the Galaxy.

A: Run away?    B: Stay strong?    C: Take your chance to be a hero and try and kill the Sith lord straight away witout question?    D: Try to make peace with the Sith to end the war?

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