If You Where a Jedi

If your padawan turned to the dark side would you?

Consult the Jedi council?         Kill your padawan?            Run away?

What colour would your Clone Commander be?

Red?       Green?      Blue?      Yellow?     All black?    Red and black?    Blue and black?  Green and black?  Yellow and black?

What coulor lightsaber Would you have?

Blue?     Green?     Yellow?      Purple?    Grey?

What would your fleet’s main fighter be?

Ark fighter G-17?     Y-Striker?        Saber 2 20?       Crie 7 liner?

If your best friend was killed?

Kill the person who killed him/her     Tell the Jedi council       Run away.

If all your clones were killed would you?

Seek revenge by yourself?             Get more clones and not do anything?            Get more clones and face the enemy?

If your friends turned to the dark side, wold you?

Join the dark side too?           Do nothing?             Try to kill them all?

If a man threatend you would you?

Hire a bounty hunter or assassin?          Leave him alone?                Track him down and kill him yourself?

If  you could join the Jedi council would you?

Yes?        no?        maybe?

You have found your inner Jedi!      🙂        By Laurence Carolan

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