Episode 1

Star Wars 1 is my 5th best episode. But Angus’ opinion is different. “My opinion is that Episode one is the 3rd best. If Iwas to rate it with the clone wars movie it would still be 3rd.” Says Angus. So Angus thinks that but it is still the 5th best, “Or is it.”

Elliot says, “Episode 1 is a good episode but in my opinion is the 3rd best episode.”

Ben says,”Episode 1 is in my opinion  is the best.”

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Fact File:

Main Plant: Naboo

Main Jedi:  Qui Gwon Jinn, Obi Won Kenobi

Main Sith: Darth Sidous, Darth Maul

Main People: Padm’e, Qui Gwon Jinn, Obi Wan

Episode 1 will be returning to Cinemas in 3D (2012)

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