Star Wars Quiz:

Q1. Which Podracer used the colour orange?

Q2. Who was Darth Sidious apprentice to?

Q3. Who did Qui Gwon Jin save from being trampled on Naboo?

Q4. Does Yoda have a master?

Q5. What specie is Jar Jar Binks?

Q6. What is the name of the Senator that is a Twi Lek and is quite large?

Q7. True or False, did Surbulba podrace to the nicely?

Q8 What is the name of the two characters that have apeard in all 6 movies?

Q9 What are the two best Sith?

Q10 How many people podraced?

Q11  What was the name of the actor of India Jones and who does he play in Star Wars?

Q12 When Greedo died who did Jabba The Hutt hire for his replacment?

Q13. What was Han Solo frozen in?

Q14. Who adopted Princess Leia?

Q15. True or false: Is Kit Fisto’s Master Plo Koon?

Q16. Who was the Librarian before Jocasta Nu?

Q17. Was Jocasta Nu a Padawan or a council member?

Q18. Was Luke a Grand master after the movies?

Q19. Does Luke marry?

Q20 Does Leia Become a jedi?

Q21 How Many children does Han and Leia have?

Q22. What was was the destination of the planet princess Leia’s ship was high jacked by the Storm Troopers?

Q23. Who was the leader of the Rebel alliance?

Q24. Who kills Captain Antilleas?

Q25. True or False, Does Boba Fett die?

Q26. Name two Jedi that have a spare Lightsaber that is Yellow?

Q27. True or false: Did the Clones have real names?

Q28. What was the first ever war?

Q29. Who you’st to rule the Rebublic?

Q30. What was the first planet to be colonized?

Q31. Who was the sith between Count Dooku and Darth Maul?

Q32. Who was the first Jedi to be attacked by his own clones?

Q33. Who was the first Jedi to die in Order sixty six?

Q34. Who was the last Jedi to be killed in order sixty six?

Q35. Who was Jabba the hutt in love with?

Q36. Why did Dengar not like Han Solo?

Q37. Why did Bossk not like Han Solo?

Q38. Who killed 4-LOM?

Q39. What is the assassin droid that works on the Death Star?

Q40. Name Commander Gree’s two guns?

Q41. What beast did Jabba the hutt make Luke fight?

Q42. Whats the name of Jabba the Hutt’s son?

Q43. What is the nick name of Jabba the Hutt’s son?

Q44. Who was Galen Marek’s master?

Q45. How many Brothers does Darth Maul have?

Q46. What was the name of the Queen that came to Padm’e’s funeral?

Q47. True or false. Did Darth Bane get Brain washed by the rebublic?

Q48. Who was Darth Plageis’s master?

Q49. Was General Grievous a Cyborg?

Q50. What is the Specis of Darth Plageis?

Q51. What is The homeworld of Darth Sidous?

Q52. What is Darth Plageis referd to?

Q53. Before Palpatine became Chancellor he was  Representive, when he became chancellor who replaced him for the  representive?

Q54. What was Darth Plageis’ special power?

Q55. Which hand did Anakin lose when Count Dooku lose?

Q56. Who was Ki Adi Mundi’s master?

Q57. Who is Plo Koon have a master?

Q58: What rank did Jar Jar Binks get promoted to?

Q59: What was the Dark Woman’s real name?

Q60: What colour light-saber did the Dark Woman have?

Q61: True or False, The Dark Woman was a Sith?

Q62: Name the Dark Woman’s Apprentices?

Q63: What Planet was Kit Fisto from?

Q64: Who was Qui Gwon Jinn in love with?

Q65. What planet did Padm’e want to give birth on?

Star Wars the Clone Wars Questions:

Q1. If Asajj Ventress returned what planet would she be on?

Q2. How many Episodes in the clone wars has Qui Gwon Jinn?

Q3. Does Rex ever nearly die?

Q4. In the Clone wars movie which pilot clone paniced when he thought he was going to die?

Q5. Who is the newest Jedi in the clone wars trilogy?

Q6. How many clones are in Delta squad 50?

Q7. What was the names of the four Jedi that respondid to Delta squad 50?

Q8. What three Jedi thought that Savage Oppress was Darth Maul?

Q9. What was the names of the two Jedi that went to investigate the case on Savage Oppress?

Q10. Who was the first night time spirit?

Q11. Who was the last night time spirit?

Q12. What was the names of the three people that appeared in Anakin’s vision that turned him to the Dark side?

Q13. What was the first battle in the clone wars movie?

Q14. What was the last battle in the clone wars movie?

Q15. Who is the leader of Delta Squad 50?

Q16. What moon did Hevy die one?

Q17. What were Hevy’s last words?

Q18. What saved Captain Rex when he was shot on Felucia?

Q19. True or false, Are Assaj Ventress bent?

Q20. Who made Anakin turn to the Dark side? (He turns back to the right side)

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