Season 1

1. Ambush 1- Yoda with troopers Thire, Jek and Rys travel to Rugosa so King Katuunko can sign a treaty to join the Republic but Asajj Ventress arrives with a competition for Yoda.

2. Rising Melvelonce 1- Grievous has a new super weapon for the separatists. As Dooku checks up on itand sees the Melvelonce in Good range has it destroys Plo Koon’s Crucier but is disappointed  when the weapon unsuccessfully destroys Anakin’s Ship.

3. Shadow of the Melovonce 2- As Grievous needs to prove his weapon is a great weapon for the Separatists he targets a Medic Station above Naboo. Will Plo Koon and Anakin catch him up.

4. Destroy Melvelonce 3- As Anakin and Plo Koon destroys the Melvelonce’s Ion Cannon Obi Wan must destroy the bridge but when Padm’e and C 3P0 leave Naboo and end up in the Melvelonce’s Clutches Anakin and Obi Wan must rescure her and her Droid.

5 Rookies 2- Grievous is on his way to Kamino but the Rishi Moon outpost must be delt with first. Grievous sends his special Commando Units to destroy the base but three Young Rookie clones escape with a little help from Rex and Cody they get the base back so Obi Wan and Anakin can tell Shaak Ti and Lama Su that Grievos is on his way.

6. Downfall of a droid 1- Anakin leads a battle against Grievous. In the Battle Anakin’s star Fighter gets blasted into the Astroids and his Droid R2 D2 gets lost Anakin and Ahsoka must find him before Grievous because he still contains Republic Information on the Bases.

7. Duel of Droids 2- Anakin leads a attack on Grievous’ Sky Post but then realises that R2 D2 is on board.

8. Bombad Jedi 1- Padm’e, Jar Jar and C 3po go to Rodia to see Padm’e uncle Onoconda Farr but he has joined Nute Gunray.

9. Cloak of Darkness 2- Luminara, Ahsoka and Gree arrive on Faro Argys’ Senate Crucier to put Nute Gunray behind bars Asajj Ventress attacks the ship. Luminara and Ahsoka fall into her trap and Argys realises Gunray.

10. Grievous’s Lair 3- Kit Fisto meets up with his former apprentice Nahder Vebb or look for Nute Gunray in a lair. Lots are traps where set but they where for Grievous not for the Jedi.

Part 2

11. Dooku Captured 1- Obi Wan and Ahsoka rescure Anakin from Count Dooku but when they chase Dooku he gets captured by Pirates. Hondo, Leader of the Pirates contacts Palpatine telling him that he has Dooku and if he wanted him he had to pay in spices. Palpatine sends Anakin and Obi Wan to see if the pirates are telling the truth.

12. Gungan General 2- Hondo captures Anakin and Obi Wan to make the Republic pay more. Jar Jar and Senator Kharrus where already on there way with the Spices. One of the Pirates called Turk Falso wants all the Spice to him self so he shoots down the ship to get the spices. The Crash killed Senator Kharrus leaving Jar Jar in Charge. Will Jar Jar rescure Anakin and Obi Wan.

13. Jedi Crash1- Anakin goes to aid Aayla Secra in the Battle of Quell but when there ship is hit down on to a remote planet and Anakin is serously ill Ahsoka Aayla and Bly must find help.

14. Defenders of Peace  2- When the jedi find help the separatists arrive Will the Jedi and Bly and Rex stay hidden.

15. Tresspass     1

16.  Hidden Enermy   1

17. The blue Shadow Virus      1

18. Mystery of a thousnd moons    2

19. Storm over Ryloth    1

20. Inocents of Ryloth    2

21. Liberty of Ryloth    3

Now we all know that the episodes are all in order but if they were this would be seson 1

1. Clone Cadets

2. Cat and Mouse

3. The Hidden Enermy

4. Rokkies

5. ARC Troopers

6. Holocron Heist

7. Cargo of Doom

8. Childron of the Force

9. The Citedel

10. Counter Attack

11. The Citedel Rescure

12. The Zilo Beast

13. The Zilo Beast Strikes Back

14. Jedi Crash

15. Defenders of Peace


17. Sphere of Influence

18. Storm over Ryloth

19. Innocents of Ryloth

20. Liberty of Ryloth

21. Supply Lines

22. Ambush

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