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Fact file on Qui Gwon Jinn: 2\2\11  Qui Gwon Jinn Returns as a ghost to talk to Obi Wan16\2\11 Qui Gwon Spok to Anakin to say that he was the Chosen One. (Ghost)

Fact File on Father: 2\2\11 The Father was the Choson One. He has a Son and a Daughter. 16\2\11 The Son was to evil so the Father killed himself (Good Over lord)

Fact File on The Son: 2\2\11 The Son is evil. He controls th night of Montres. 6\2\11 The Son is trying to escape, find out what happens to him in Ghosts of Montres.16\2\11 The Son got Killed by Anakin after his father died.  ( Evil Over Lord)

Fact File on The : 2\2\11   The Daughter (not Evil) controls th day of Montres. 6\2\11 The Daughter gets killed by the Son, when he try’s to over through her and The Father.  (Good Over Lord)

Fact File on Future Ahsoka: 2\2\11 Ahsoka warns Ahsoka to resign from the jedi Order ( Vision)

Fact File on Dark Ahsoka: 5\2\11 Ahsoka turns to the dark side at night ( Night time Spirit)

Fact File on  Shmi Skywalker: 6\2\11 The Son warns Anakin about Padm’e and how she will be the end of him through his mother, Shimmi. ( Night time Spirit)

Fact File on Naughty Rat: 11\2\11  The rat bit Ahsoka that made her tearn to the dark side (night time Spiret)

Fact File on Dark Anakin: 15\2\11 The Son made Anakin Turn to the dark side (night time Spiret)

Fact File on Darth Vader: 15\2\11 Darth Vader apears in Anakin visions (Vision)

Fact Fille on Charger: 19\2\11 One of Rex’s troppes but got killed by Electric mime bomb (clone)

Fact File on Yellow Commandos:19\2\11 Droids that work for Osi Sobeck (Droid)

Fact File on Osi Sobeck: 19\2\11 Leader of The Citadel 13/3/11 Killed by Ahsoka (Separatist)

Fact File on Even Piell: 19\2\11 a Jedi with Plans and was Captued and taken to the Critadel 13/3/11 Even was eaten by a Anobis (jedi)

Fact File on Erk Zallis: 19\2\11 a Unghtnaught who helped Frease the Jedi and Clones in Cabonite ( Rebublic Adie)

Fact File on K2-B4: 19\2\11 A droid Separatist that never leaves the side od Osi Sobeck (droid)

Fact File on Wilhuff Tarkin: 19\2\11 Also known in the Movies Grand Moff Tarkin. Tarkin is the Admiral of the Ship that Even Piell was on when he was Captued. He held half of the plans when Even Peil had the Other ( Republic Officer)

Fact File on Unidentified Clone Officer: 19\2\11 A Officer on Board Captin Tarkin’s Replic Cruiser ( Republic Officer)

Fact File on Unidentified EV-series interrogator droid: 19\2\11 A Driod who was in Charage of Touchering Even Peill but was killed by Anakin ( Droid)

Fact File on OOM-10: 19\2\11 3 blue Battle droids that were controlled by R2 D2 (droids)

Fact File on SecrityDroids: 4\3\11  This red droids guard the Citadel Landing Platform (Droids)

Fact File on LM-432 crab droid: 4\3\11 Crab Droids tried to stop the poeple from escaping the Citadel (droids)

Fact File on Anooba: 12/3/11 Anobas are beasts from tatooine but are kept in the Citadel ( beast)

Fact File on Recon droid: 4\3\11 Prob Droids tried to find the escapers and Succed. ( droids)

Fact File on Coruscant Guard: 4/3/11 Corusant Guard guard the Republic things ( clone)

Fact File on R4-C9: 13/3/11 this Astromech droid stade with Sae See Tiin in Space ( Droid)

Fact File on Adi Gallia’s Astromech Droid: 13/3/11 this Astromech droid stade with Adi Gallia as she went to the Citadel to Rescure the Jedi ( Droid)

Fact File on R6-H5: 13/3/11 this Astromeck Droid Stade on Coresont with Kit Fisto. (Droid)

Fact File on Admiral Cadel: 13/3/11 Admiral Cadel lead the rescure with Plo Koon. (Republic Offier)

Fact File on Mouse Droid: 13/3/11 the Mouse droids ran arouned the Citadel. ( Droid)

Fact File on Jet troops: 21/3/11 Jet troopers work for Plo Koon. (clone)

Fact File 2Z 38: 21/3/11 This Tratical droid ran the attack on Flucia with Genaral Grievous but was kiled by Anakin. (droid)

Fact File on Ahsoka’s Corpral: 21/3/11 Ahsoka gets her own Corpral on the mission to Flucia. (clone

Fact File on Tandoshon Hunter: 21/3/11 this hunter found Ahsoka. (Tandoshon hunter)

Fact File on Dar: 21/3/11 Dar was the deputy hunter’s son and was killed by Ahsoka. (Tandoshon Hunter)

Fact File on Omer: 21/3/11 A cerean Jedi Youngling kiddnapped by a Tandoshon Hunter (jedi youngling)

Fact File on Jinks: 21/3/11 Part of a gang traing to escape and was Twi’lik Youngling. (jedi Youngling)

Fact File on Califa: 21/3/11 leader of a gang. She was shot by dar’s father as she was accused her as killingDar. (jedi youngling)

Fact file on Dar’s father: 21/3/11 Deputy head of the Tandoshon hunters. (Tandoshan Hunter)

Fact File on Monkey Prisoner: 21/3/11 a kiddnapped by Tandoshon hunters: (Prisoner)

Fact File on Tandoshon leader:21/3/11 Leader of the Tandoshon hunters. (Tandoshan hunter)

Fact File on Tandoshan Piolot: 27/3/11 A Piolot Killed by Ahsoka while dropping of Chewbacca  (Tandoshan Hunter)

Fact File on Tandoshan Co Piolot: 27/3/11 While trying to kill Ahsoka while Transporting Chewbacca he gets killed by Omer (Tandoshan Hunter)

Fact File on Chewbacca: 27/3/11 Kiddnapped by Tandoshan Hunters (Wockiee)

Fact File on Spark; 27/3/11 Kiddnapped by his on Prioners (Tandoshan Hunter)

Fact File on Kicks: 27/3/11 Kicks was on is way to recure Spark but was killed by Omer (Tandoshan hunter)

Fact File on Tarfful: 27/3/11 Tarfful and Bounty Hunter Sugi Went to Rescure Chewbacca (Wockiee)

Fact File on Mon Calmiri Youngling: 27/3/11 On Board the Same vesle as Omer, Jinks and Kalifa when they were kiddnapped. He greated Omer and Jinks as they landed on Corusont. (Jedi)

Fact File on Lo Tarran: 27/3/11 Killed by Chewbacca as they reached the Tandoshan Temple (Tandoshan Hunter)

Fact File on Ackbar: 21/9/11 Akbar is head of Secrity on Prince Lee Char (The Grand Amy of the Republic)

Fact File on Lee Char: 21/9/11 Lee Char s Head of Mon Cala. (Republic)

Fact File on Lemcke: 21/9/11  lemacke is Dupy head of Secrutity for Lee Char. (The Grand Army of the Republic)

Fact File on Commander Monnk: 21/9/11 Monnk is Kit Fisto’s Commander. (Clone)

Fact File on Nossor Ri:  21/9/11 Nossor Ri is The Third Qurran Senator we Know. (Separatist Senate)

Fact File on Riff Tamson: 21/9/11 Riff Tamson is Karkodden. (Separatists)

Fact File on Meena Tiils: 21/9/11 Meena Tiils is the Mon Calamari Senator ( Republic Senate)

Fact File on Boss Lyonie: 21/9/11 Lyonie is Boss of all Gungans (Republic)

Fact File on King Manchucho: 13/11/11 King Manchucho is the Leader of Aleen

Fact File on Orphne: 13/11/11 Orphne is a Underworld Witch of Aleen

Fact File on Hay-Zu: 13/11/11 Hay-Zu is the Leader of the Papitites

Fact File on Tup: 13/11/11 Tup is a 501st Clone that fights on Umbara

Fact File on Dogma: 13/11/11 Dogma is a obedient Clone fighting for the 501st on Umbara

Fact File on Pong Krell 13/11/11 General Krell is a mean Jedi to his clones and uses reckless tactics on Umbara

Fact File on Rostishi 16/1/12 Rostishi is a the leader of the Torgruta. He joins the separatists but getds betrayed and leaves them to join the Republic

Fact File on Darts Da Nar 16/1/12 Darts is the general of the Zygerrians and inslaves the Torgrutas when they join the Separatists

Fact File on Atai Molac 16/1/12 Primeminister of Zygerria betrays his queen to Count Dooku

Fact File on Miraj Scintel 16/1/12 Queen of Zygerria, betrayed by Atai Molack and Count Dooku

Fact File on Zygerrian Palace Guards 16/1/12 Protects Miraj Scintel and are tricked into betraying her and Anakin by Count Dooku

Fact File on Tucktee 16/1/12 Inslaved and dislikes Jedi and Separatists. Thinks Jedi just make things worse

Fact File on Bo Katon 16/1/12 Lieutenant to Pre Vizla in the Death Watch

Fact File on Captain Taggart 16/1/12 Senate Commando protecting Mon Mothma Bail Organa and Padme Amidala

Fact File on Separatist Senate Commando Droids 16/1/12 Protect Separatists Senators and Peace meeting,

Fact File on Zec Guiness 16/1/12 Separatist Senator at peace meeting (same species as Bric)

Fact File on Battle Droid 349 16/1/12 Begs R2 to fix him as long as he helps get Lux and Ahsoka away. He helps but is killed by Bo Katon

Fact File on Tyler 16/1/12 Daughter of Chief Peter killed by Pre Vizla

Fact File on Chief Peter 16/1/12 Chief of neighbouring village to Death. His daughter was killed by Death Watch. His village burnt down by Death Watch to.

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