Breaking news for season 5, which spiler fans properally already know

If you do not like spoilers do not read this

Darth Maul and Savage Oppress go to see Pre Vizla and Luintenent Bo Katan of the Death Watch. After telling them they will help them reclaim Mandalore they go to Mustafar to meet the Black Sun. Yes I saud it right the Black Sun. If you don’t know what the Black Sun is then I will tell you: The Black Sun are Criminal Organisation who was created by Zotta the Hutt, jabba’s farther. But the Leader is Prince Xior. Xior has tried to kill Jabba, Gadulla the Hutt and Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett!!!! Anyway once they have met them I think they give plans or something to helo Darth Maul , Savage Oppress and Deatth Watch Invade Mandalore. After that they go to Mandalore and relise Almec who is still Prime Minister. Almec orders the arrest Satine. Then Pre Vizla onces to rule so does. Pre Vizla then kills Almec. Darth Mau then onces to rule Mandalore so duels with Vizla and kills him. Now sometime before this Obi Wan arrives and gets captaurd. Back to Maul killing Vizla, after he killed Vizla some Mandalorians work for maul and get Red armour but some (Bo Katan) still follow the dead Vizla. Bo Katan even goes and rescues Obi Wan and tegather fight Maul’s forecees. But of course Darth Sidous arrvies in person and kind of kills most of Maul’s Mandalorians just by strangeling them. Then he duels with Savage and Maul, he kills Savage and then much later in the duel Maul loses and begs for mercy but Sidous simply replises “Sith show no mercy” and strikes him down.

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