1st Year Anniversery


In our first year of the website we have made 83 pages of star wars facts. 245 comments have been posted and a well deserved 48 approvals have been made. 197 people have liked our website! Luckily O people have disliked our website.

Averagely for a website there is 4 dislikes so we have beaten the average. The same has happened on Likes, the average is 150 so we have also beaten it. Amazingly we have beaten the average approvals of a year, the average is 36 and we have 48. Unfortunately the number of pages done in a year is 92 so we lost to that but we’re children and the amount of words on Obi Wan’s page and Anakin’s is the amount of words in a book!

Things on 2012:

Episode 22 will be an hour long for Felix’s Season 3!

Felix and the Siters (our website company) will be making a lego satr wars revenge of the sith part 1 (coming out in April)

Episode 22 will be out for Angus’ Season 2 of his own Seasons!

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