30/1/11 Season 3 might have another adventure with Savage Opress. There might be 5 Seasons of star wars the clone wars. There might be another adventure with the old stars of star wars.

5/2/11 Savage Opress’s Secret brother might be Darth Maul. Ahsoka might be expeled from the jedi order, leave the jedi order or get killed by Anakin. Darth Maul might have servived. Qulin Vos might turn to the dark side. The Clone Wars might end in 2o13.

16/2/11 Kit Fisto, Commander Gree, Plo Koon and Mace windu might have not died.

18\2\11 Chewbacca will apear in Season 3 Fainal that is on April the 1st That is my Birthday, Even Piell will apear in the nezt episode od The Clone Wars, Grand Moff Tarkin Might apear in The Clone wars, Sae See Tiin Might apear in The Clone Wars again.

5/3/11Kaja Sinis, Xondar was the first ever Jedi and Zuti Datklighter created Dartk Jedi. Count Dooku is Called Multibous Trayanes Dooku. Multibous Dooku is in Episode 1. He Is behind Chancellor Volrum, Senator Palpatine and Orn Free Taa.

19/3/11 Chewbacca, Bossk’s species and Savage Oppress is in the final. Rumor that in the next season the story will be about Lux Bronteri , Ahsoka, Grievous

19/1/2012 will be the 1 year anniveray of Star Wars Fan Site by the Siters.

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