Pirsoners of War

People arrested by the Republic in the Clone wars:

Nute Gunray  (Escaped)


Nyo Vindi

Wat Tambor

Cato Parrasti

Cad Bane (Esacped)

Poaggle the Leaser

Cassie Cryer

Ion Mercy

Lolo Purs

Boba Fett


Duchess Satine (Realesed)

Prime Minister Almec

Ziro the Hutt (Escaped)

Aurra Sing


Chata Hyoki

Grievous (escaped)

Fives (Realesed)

Jesse (Realesed)



People who have been arrested by the Separatist in the clone wars:

Padm’e (Escaped)

C 3PO (Escaped)

Padm’e (Second time, eccaped)

Padm’e (Third time, escaped)

Jar Jar Binks (Esacaped)

Padm’e (Fourth Time, escaped)

Bail Organa (Escaped)

C 3PO (Second time, escaped)

Onoconda Farr (escaped)

Ryo Chuchi (Escaped)

Ahsoka Tano (escaped)

Luminara Unduli (escaped)

Duchess Satine (escaped)

Even Piiel (escaped)

Kit Fisto (escaped)

Anakin (escaped)

Padm’e (Firth Time, escaped)

Jar Jar Binks (Second Time, escaped)

Ackbar (escaped)

Meena Tiils (escaped)

Monnk (escaped)

Lee Char (escaped)

Ahsoka Tano (Second Time, escaped)

Anakin (Second Time, escaped)

Adi Gallia (escaped)

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