Star Wars Characters-Their Life in Star Wars-Obi Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi:

Obi Wan Kenobi was Padawan to Qui Gwon Jinn and Master to Anakin Skywalker. Obi Wan Wonse would have leved the Jedi Order to Marry Duchess Satine of Manderlore.

The Phamton Menace: Obi Wan Kenobi was sent to find a Jedi that had been Missing when he found the Mask of the Jedi he Went back to Coresant. When he got back to Coresant Qui Gwon Said that there is a Mission to Be Ambasserders to see the Trde Fenderation. Supreme Chancellor Finis Voulrem sent them there. Qui Gwon ordered the Captain  to land the Republic Cruser on the Trade Fenderation Droid Ship. The Co-Poilt asked Nute Gunray to lait Them land and He let Them. Nute Gunray is a Nemdion and Leader of The Trade Fedaration. Qui Gwon and Obi Wan went of the Ship and were taken to a Waiting room by a Proticl droid Named TC 14. TC 14 disscoved that the Chancellor’s Ambasserders were Jedi she reported to Nute Gunray striaght away. Nute and His Nemdion friend told Darth Sidous on a Holegram Projector. Darth Sidous got angrey with the Nemdion and orded Nute ” I do not want to see this Slime Again. Whem the Holegram dissopeod Rune Haaku came along and Said” We should have not made this Bagin. Nute then got a Call From Naboo it was Queen Amildala her self but really was a Decoy. Nute then rememmbed that Darth Sidous wanted the Jedi Dead But first turned of all Trasmissions So that the people of the Naboo could not call for help in the Invvasion that Nute was Planning. TC 14 then returned to Obi Wan and Qui Gwon and Gave them drinks. The Gass came and a Group of droids were out side the Refressments room. The Droid Commander got a Order to Kill the Jedi. the Droids got ready and waited. they were about to fire but it was TC 14 but was followed by Qui Gwon and Obi Wan Qui Gwon and Obi Wan killed all the Droids. Qui Gwon then tried to get through the door Rute and Rune were nevous so sent in the Droidekas. Obi Wan tried to get ride of them while Qui Gwon Was still getting through. Nute orded more defences on the door but Qui Gwon was still getting hrough. Obi Wan could not kill the droidekas and Qui Gwon and Him ran away. Rune said, ” there no match for droideks.” Obi Wan and Qui Gwon found a nother way to get to Nute Gunray but indtead found a army of Battle Droids. The Battle Droids were on there way to Naboo. Obi Wan And Qui Gwon went into a droid MTT Carrier. when the Droid ships landed on Naboo they lopaded out all the MTT carriers. The Battle droid Commander cotacted Nute Gunray to say that the MMT Carriers had lurnch into the Naboo Swap. Obi Wan and Qui Gwon started to get out of MTT Carrier. They split up. A MTT Carrier was moving over the trees and was heading for a Gungan called Jar Jar Binks. Qui Gwon shaved Jar Jar out of the way and the MTT carrier. Obi Wan came and said, ” Whis this” Jar Jar Binks replied ” Measer Jar Jar Binks” . It took a bit of beasun but Jar Jar told Qui Gwon and Obi Wan were the Gungan city was, Otah Gunga. When the three arived at Otah Gunga they met a Gungan Captain called Captin Tarplas. Tarples in kown as the Death of Captin Tarpals because always has looked out for Jar Jar. Tarplas brought them to a old Gungan and leader of the Gungans Boss Ness and the other council members. Boss Ness was very angrey because Jar Jar was banished for being clamsey, braking Boss Ness vecial and leting animals out of Otah Gunga’s zoo. Qui Gwon had to do a mind trick to Boss Ness so he could give him a transport to get to the Naboo Captil City. Qui Gwon also recwested that he took Jar Jar with him. Boss Ness agread to let Jar Jar go with Qwi Gwon and Obi Wan to the Naboo Captil City. Queen Amildala the decoy looked out side are window. a hole army of battleee droids were out on the street. the Govenor was right there was a invasion. Then Battle droids came in and took her and her handmaiders away ( one of the handmaiders was hte actull Queen. They met the Govenor Captain Panaka and the Naboo Royal Gurads with Nute Gunray and Rune Haaku. Nute orded the droid commander to order the queen, her hand maidens and Captain  Panaka with the droid sergent. likely Obi Wan, Qui Gwon and Jar Jar Binks came to the rescue. They all escapted and tried to get to the shiping bay buit htere was one problem they did not have a pilot. But luckily there was pilots at the ship erea. But they were guarded by Battle droids. Obi Wan went for them while Qui Gwon made shore that everyone was selfly apored the ship. Then Obi Wan went abored the ship with the Pilots. THen one of the Pilots drove the ship into the atmosphere. They were shot. 4 Astromech droids wemt to fix it there was one red one, a Yellow one and two blue ones. One of the blue ones is Rs D2. R2 D2 bumps into Jar Jar Binks. Jar Jar says ” How Rude”. The Blue one gets onto the Roof of the ship, but sraight away was destroyed. The came the Yellow then the Red one then  R2 D2 came on. They were fixing it but soon after the yellow one was shot. Then the Red one was shot straight after. R2 D2 then fixed the Hyber drive and went back in. Captain Panaka then greated the droid to the Queen (that was realy a Decoy). She Orded Padm’e to cleen R2. Padm’e is realy the Queen. Padm’e then cleened R2 While Talking to Jar Jar. Obi Wan then realised that they could not reach corusant in time. So they stopped to get a new Hyper drive on Tatoonie. OObi Wan Remended on the ship while Qui Gwon went to buy a new Hyper drive.  Obi Wan comunacated with Qui Gwon through a Comunicator. Later Padm’e, Jar Jar and R2 D2 came on the Ship. Quite behind was Qui Gwon and a Small boy called Anakin. Qui Gwon toed Anakin to duck because Darth Maul was on his Speeder. Anakin went on to the ship. Qui Gwon had a short duel with Maul, then got onto the ship. Obi Wan asked Qui Gwon who it was and Qui Gwon thought that it was a sith. When they landed   Palpatine greated Queen Amidala then there was silents, Chancelor Volorum came with senate gurads on either side. Anakin went into the Counil room to see if he would be trained. Mace Windu told Anakin that he would not be trained. Qui Gwon,Obi Wan then entered and Mace Windutold thm the results. Qui Gwon refused this so Mace said “you may obseve him” Qui Gwon and Obi Wan then exited. Palpatine came to Queen Amidala and told her that he and Bail Antalis were raited to be voted to be the next Chancellor. Then later Palpatine was voted Chancellor. Queen Amidala then decided that she should be with her people. So they return to Naboo. When they arrive Queen Amidala wanted Jar Jar’s help, yes Jar Jar’s help. She wanted Jar Jar to go to Otah Gunga ( the Gungan city). When Jar Jar returned he said no one was ther so said to Queen Amidala that they were in the secret place. Jar Jar then showed Queen Amidala the Secret place. Queen Amidala with everyone else behind her said to Boss Ness we need your help against the invasion Boss Ness then replied “We are nothing to do with the Naboo people”. Padm’e the real Queen of Naboo said to Boss Ness that she was the real Queen of Naboo and begged him for help and then everyone bowed in front of him and he said yes.Later on out side the froset were the battle droids were giong to came for attack. Captain Panaka then arrived and went of his speeder and told Padm’e that Theed was still occupied by droids. Padm’e then decided that her self, Panaka, Qui Gwon, Anakin, Obi Wan, Fake Queen Amildala and R2 D2 would go and capture Vicroy Nute Gunray, While Jar Jar and Tarpals andthe Gungan forces woulg fight the battle droids. Captain Panaka orded to of his men to attack the droids while he and the others went inside. Padm’e and Panaka climbed up onto the window while R2 D2 flighed and Qui Gwon through a rope and he, Obi Wan and Anakin climbed up it.The Fake Queen Amildala went up too. the Fake Queen went a shorter route to Nute Gunray while Padm’e, Obi Wan, Qui Gwon, R2 D2, Anakin and Captain Panaka would take the longer route. They all found them selves back were the pilots were kept by droids. There were more Pilot hostigs but when the droids were intrestead in the jedi. The Pilots then went into their ships so did Anakin and R2 D2. When all the droids were destroyed Droidekes then appeeared but were soon destroyed by Anakin in the Naboo ship.  Then Darth Maul appeared, Padm’e and Panaka then carried on to capture Nute Gunray. Qui Gwon and Obi Wan then fight Darth maul they go into a corridoor with corridoors underneth with no wall, so it was dendrous . Darth Maul then kicked Obi Wan and he fell but it was luky for him because he fell onto a nother corridoor. Qui Gwon chased Maul to these doors. Maul was still running intill Red Lights came down Maul was at the end Qui Gwon one behind and Obi Wan that had got up was at the first one. Suddenly the lights went away and Qui Gwon jumped to fight Maul. Obi Wan ran towards them but he only made it to the last one and the lights went back on.  Suddenly Darth Maul stabs Qui Gwon and he falls on to the floor. At that instod The lights go away and Obi Wan shouts out “no” and chaged angreyly at Maul. They had a vilont battle. Obi Wan then cut one blade of Maul’s double bladed lightsaber, but inreturn Maul kicked Obi Wan down the hole that was in the room they were Now in. Luckly Obi Wan klinged on to a little hole. Maul thought that he was dead and kicked Obi Wan’s Lightsaber over the ege and into the hole. The Lightsaber fell right to the bottom. Obi Wan remembed that Qui Gwon’s Lightsaber was by his dead body. Obi Wan then jumped up and forced Qui Gwon’s Lightsaber into his hands. While Darth Maul was still at the ege of the hole. Obi Wan cut Maul’s body of his legs, and Maul and his Lightsaber fell into the hole. Obi Wabn then went straight to Qui Gwon. Qui Gwon said “Promise me to train the boy. It was now later on in the day and it was Qui Gwon funiral. In the Corner Yoda and Mace Windu were talking about was it the Master or the apprentice that was killed. The next morning Boss Ness got the saurce of Naboo because Gungans have equil rights now.

Attack of the Clones:Obi Wan and Anakin go up in a lift to Padm’e flat. They meet Jar Jar at the top of the lift and he shows them to Padm,e and Captain Typho and Tekla Minu. Obi Wan and Anakin stand guard outside Padm’e’s Bedroom. Obi Wan and Typho just go down stairs to see if anything has happend but it was all clear. Obi Wan and Anakin discuss their plan but at hte same moments a droid puts out piosnous slugs on to the floor. R2 senses and looks around to see if anything had changed but  he did not notice that the slugs were there. Anakin and Obi Wan sence trouble and run into Padm’e room. Anakin jumps and cuts the slugs in half while Obi Wan jumps onto the droid. The droid goes in and out of Cars trying to get rid of the jedi that was on him. When the droid ( with Obi Wan still holding on) approached the assasin Zam Wessal, Zam ran to her speeder and got her gun out of the speeder and aimed at Obi Wan. Because the droid was moving so much it was hard for Zam to piont out Obi Wan. When Zam had a clear shot she fired but it the droid and Obi Wan fell. Obi Wan was faalling and falling intll finerly fump he and just hit a speeder and it was Anakin’s Speeder Obi Wan then said “what took yo u so long” Anakin replied “You no me Master I couldn’t find a speeder that I really liked” Obi Wan and Anakin were goeing in and out of speeders and then they saw Zam’s Speeder. It went through a passage in a building  Anakin on purpose went a different way. Obi Wan said ” What are you doing he completly went the other way ” Anakin Said “this is a short cut….. I think” But it turned out that it was not a short cut. But then Anakin saw Zam and pulled the speeder down and down and down and the they had a goog view of Zam. Zam Went past power couplings and shot them so Purple electrisaty came out hitting al the other Power couplings Anakin went through the power couplings and was hit. But he still carried on and went up and up and up and the Zam was uderneth them. Analin said “If you excuse me” and jumps out of the speeder Obi Wan looks down and says “I hate it when he does that” Obi Wan piolts the speeder and tries to follow Zam’s speeder. Obi Wan saw that Zam had crashed and Anakin had rolled of. Obi Wan then headed downtown Corucont. Obi Wan Landed and ran through everyone trying to find Zam and Anakion and also found Anakin’s Lightsaber. When Anakin found Anakin and gave back his lightsaber and Anakin told him that Zam was in the club and was a girl and not a boy. Obi Wan and Anakin go into the club. Obi Wan said to Anakin you try and find her and Anakin said “What are you doing.” “going for a drink” Obi Wan replied and went to sit down and was met by a strange mand who said ” do you wasn to buy some death sticks” Obi Wan replied ” Idon’t want any Death Sticks” the Stranger man said “You don’t want to buy some Death sticks” Obi Wan then says ” You want to go home and rethink your life” The man then said “I want to go home and rethink my life.” At that instend Obi Wan jumps up gets out his lightsaber and cuts Zam’s Arm off and he and Anakin drag her outside the club. They ask her who hired her and said “It was a bounty Hunter named” and whas shot by a Poisnous dart Obi Wan Picked ut out andlooked around and Jango Fett was there and flew of. The Next day: Obi Wan, Typho, Padm’e and Anakin were on a ship.  As Padm’e, Anakin and R2 D2 go out of the ship and Obi Wan said to Typho that Anakin would proberly do smoething wrong against hois orders but Typho thought that Padm’e would Break the rulls more than Anakin. Obi Wan did not know who or what planet the dart had come from so went to see two droids. The Droids said that they did not know what planet it came from. So Obi Wan went to The Jedi Archaves to see Jocasta Nu. Jocasta Nu said that the planet doesn’t evan excist and walked of to Zuti Jocassa. Obi Wan then went to Yoda who was training Younglings. Obi Wan Apologised that he was interuppting Yoda and said “where do you think this comes from” Yoda replied ” Master Kenobi lost a planet how inprassing how inprassing. Now were dp you think the planet is” A Youngling put up he’s hand and ansered ” the planet should be their” and pionted at the map. ObiWan left and past Aayla Secera and Pablo Jill. Obi Wan went on a train and went to down town Corucont. Obi Wan went to Dex’s Dinner. Obi Wan is seen by a driod and Obi Wan sits down at a table and is seen by Dexter Jester. Obi Wan shows the dart and Dex says ” Are your looking for Kamino” Obi Wan left and went to Mace Windu. Mace Windu loaded R4 P17 Into Obi Wan’s Starfighter. Mace wished Obi Wan Good Luke and went into Space. Obi Wan passed loades of over Hyperspace rings and then found his one and left. He then arrived and left his Hyperspace ring. Obi Wan said no need to worry to R4 P17. Obi Wan landed on Kamino’s captail Tropical City. Obi Wan told R4 To stay in the ship and met Taun We who tlod him that they were expecting him. Taun We took Obi Wan to Lama Su the Prime Minister of Tropical Ciy and Lama Su was resonsable for the clones being made. Lama Su and Taun We and Obi Wan went to see the clones putting their armor on and eating Burgers. Obi Wan asked if he could see Jango Fett the Host of the clones. Taun We took Obi Wan to Jango Fett. Taun We went in and asked Boba to see Jango. Jango had just been to corucont. Obi Wan was suspicious that it was Jango who tried to assassinate Padm’e. After there talk Obi Wan went to R4 and told him to contact Yoda and Mace Windu. Yoda and Mace Windu appeared on the Hologram and Obi Wan told them that Jango Fett and the Kamions had built a army for them when they did not ask. Just then Jango and Boba came out of the door. Obi Wan turned around to see who it was ans Jango was wearing Mandalorian armor. Jango said “Boba get aboard the ship” and Boba went aboard the ship. Obi Wan took out his lightsaber and duled with Jango. Boba stared firing lasers out of Slave 1 and Obi Wan was no longer distracted by Jango. Jango made a quick get away but Obi Wan put a robe around him so that he could follow wher ever Jango went. Jango fell of and was falling into the water put crabbed on making Obi Wan evan closer than Jango to the water. Jango got out a knife and cut the robe and he flew up and Obi Wan jumped. Obi Wan could not make it to the top leval were R4 and Jango was but was on the platform below. Obi Wan went inside and up the lift. Obi Wan came out to see Slave 1 about to go into hyperspace but Obi Wan put a Holo beaken so that he could follow them. Obi Wan got in his ship and he and R4 took of. Obi Wan went in his hyperspace ring and then he went into Hyperspace. He came out on Geonosis. He could see Slave 1 heading into Astrouds so Obi Wan followed. Obi Wan was then in front of Slave 1 and Slave 1 had sent missiles. Obi Wan orded R4 to send out the ship’s spare parts and R4 did so the missiles hit the space junk and Obi Wan hide berhind one of the astrouds. When Obi Wan could no longer see Slave 1 he headed were they were going. There was loads of creators and in one of them was a Trade Federation starship. Obi Wan landed next to it and contacted Yoda and Mace Windu but R4 Could not get them through so he told R4 to send it to Anakin on Naboo. R4 said theat Anakin was not on Naboo but was on Tatoonie. Obi Wan sent Anakin a message to send to Yoda and Mace Windu. Obi Wan then was attacked by a Droideka. Obi Wan then escaped into a hole in a rock. Geonosians Kidnapped R4 and took him hostage. Obi Wan was walking and following the Trade Federation Starship. He then heard voices and looked down and Count Dooku was talking to Wat Tambor, Nut Gunray and Rune Haaku. Suddenly he was captured and knocked out. Obi Wan woke up in Blue chains and saw at the other end of the room R4 with no power. Obi Wan was then visted with count Dooku. Count Dooku told Obi Wan to join him and kill Darth Sidous. Obi Wan refused and Count Dooku replied “then you will die” Obi Wan was taken in a arena and saw Count Dooku, Poaggle, Nut Gunray, Rune Haaku, Jango Fett, Boba Fett. He was tired to a pole. A few minutes later a carriage came and in ot was Padm’e and Anakin. Anakin told Obi Wan that it was a rescure. Then three Creatures came. The Ackley went for Obi Wan. Obi Wan jumped in the air and the Ackley hit the pole that Obi Wan was on and then Obi Wan joined Anakin and Padm’e on Anakin’s Monster. The lots of Jedi appeared. Obi Wan joined Mace Windu to fight against Battle droids but when Mace Windu went to kill Jango Fett, Obi Wan went to Agen Kolar and Tan Yuster. Tan Yuster then got killed by a B2 Battle droid and Agen Kolar picked up Tan Yuster’s lightsaber. Then the Jedi were surroned by droids but Yoda came with the clone army. Obi Wan, Anakin and Padm’e went on one Gunship. The gunship was heading for a trade Federation starship but then they saw Count Dooku on his ship. Count Dooku orded the two Geonosian Starfighters to shoot the gunship. One hit the ship and Padm’e and a clone trooper fell out. Obi Wan told Anakin that we must continue chasing Dooku. Count Dooku laned and then the gunship landed next. As soon as Obi Wan and Anakin got out of the Gunship it was destroyed. Obi Wan and Anakin went into a room that Dooku was in and Anakin charged at Dooku. Dooku forced lightning to Anakin and Anakin fell on the florr. Obi Wan and Dooku had a duel and then Count Dooku cut Obi Wan’s Arm and leg. And then was about to kill him when Anakin jumped up and stoped him. But then Anakin lost his hand and Dooku was about to get away but Yoda came in. Dooku and Yoda dueled and the Dooku forced a pole right abouve Obi Wan and Anakin. Yoda stoped it but Dooku escaped. Padm’e came in and they went back to Corucont. Obi Wan and Anakin went to the Medic to get fixed up and Obi  Wan said goodbye to Anakin because Anakin was taking back Padm’e to Naboo. Obi Wan was asked to go to the council. Obi Wan was told that he was on the council and then evereyone left exceped Yoda and Mace Windu and Obi Wan. The three jedi were discussed the war and then Obi Wan went to Kamino. Obi Wan went in a room were Kit Fisto, Plo Koon and Shaak Ti was in and Obi Wan got the 112th Ballaton lead by Commander Cody.

Revenge of the Sith:

Gem Bees and Commander Davis were holding back the battle droids intill Obi Wan and Anakin arrive suddenly out of the seweer appeaerd Obi Wan and Anakin and Cody was shooting the  gun turruts at the droids. Once the mission was over Cody and Obi Wan did a sweap check while Anakin pollished R2 D2. When Obi Wan came to Anakin they got a message from Mace Windu saying that Palpaatine has been kidnapped. Obi Wan, R2 and R4 P17 got aboard the ship. When they arrived at the republic Crusier they were breifed of the mission bu Saesee Tiin and Commder Ikrit. Obi Wan and R4 got on his jedi Inceripator and Anakin and R2 went in there one. Captain Odd Ball went in his x Wing with a green Astromech. They went foward in the Ships to rescure Palpatine from Grievous’ ship (The Invisible Hand). Oddball who was atcully called Dogmajjarh but did not like the name was incharge of destorying the Spearatist Ships while Anakin and Obi Wan went to rescure the Chancellor. Oddball was threatend from Death he Panicked and Anakin went to help him but Obi Wan reminded him that they neeeded to complete their Mission. Soon one of the X Wings explodid and then Oddball Looked behind him to see the X Wing that had been Expolded but then he crashed himself. Soon one of the Trade Federation Ships Launched Vulcher Droids. Soon Obi Wan Anad Anakin had Destroyed them. Then Anakin noticed which commaned Ship was The Invisible Hand. It was the one covered in Buzz Droids. Obi Wan said “This  is going to be easy”. Then A Croued of Buzz Droids flew out Obi Wan and Aankin. Some of them missed, none went on Aankin’s Inceripator but most of them went on Obi Wan’s Inceripator. Soon one of them Hacked in to the Ships Navigator but to do so they had to destroy R4 P17 And they Successed. Obi Wan was spinning out of Control. Anakin went to help him but then all of the Buzz Droids were on Anakin’s Ship and they will destoy his ship’s Navigator to. R2 Started Killing them. The Invisible Hand still had its Force Field up. The X Wings had Completed there mission and Came to destory the Force Feild. Obi Wan and Aankin raced to get in has the Protective Doors were Sliding. Obi Wan jumped out of his ship and started killing the battle droids As his ship crashed. Aankin Happilly Landed R2 Jumped out. Obi Wan had destroyed all of the battle droids. Obi Wan said to R2 stay with the Ship. Anakin and Obi Wan went in the lift. The lift was full of Battle Droids. They were spare Parts soon. When the lift stopped Anakin made a whole in the roof and jumped out. Obi Wan and R2 had a bit of a argument but then the lift continued to go the way it needed to go and Anakin jumped back in and Obi Wan took out his light saber and was about to strike down Anakin put then realied that he was Anakin. When the lift finilly got to level 10 the doors opened. There was a big room. There was three doors, one on the left, one on the right and one in front of them. Anakin and Obi Wan were nevous because in the room on the left and right was a turned of Super Battle Droid. Obi Wan and Anakin walked to the door in front of them and it opened. Chancellor Palpatine who was tied up in a chair down the stairs first resoponse was ‘Count Dooku’ Obi Wan and Anakin turned aroud and Count Dooku and the two Super Battle droids who were shut down had just entered the room. Count Dooku jumped down the Stairs and arrived in front of Obi Wan and Anakin. Count Dooku said ” I Have been looking forward for this” This time we will take him together” Said Obi Wan.”I was just about to say that” replied Aankin. They both charged at Count Dooku. Obi Wan was forced back and Count Dooku walked up the stairs. The Super Battle Droids started to fire but were destroyed by Anakin. Count Dooku forced Anakin back and was about to kill Anakin but Obi Wan jumped up to Count To stop him but through Obi Wan down the stairs and lifted a bit of the roof on Obi Wan. Obi Wan was knocked out. Obi Wan then woke up hunging in the lift tunnel. The Clones were fireing at the ship and the turned Chancellor Palpatine was hanging on the edge of were the list door is. Obi Wan and Anakin were holding on to wires. Suddenly the lift was comeing. Obi Wan shouted “Jump” everyone jumped. They then were walking down the corridoor when ray shields were put up. R2 D2 then came along but closly Followed by 2 Droidekas. From the left door Super Battle droids entered. From the right door came Battle Droids. R2 D2 zapped one of the Super Battle Droids. But another Super Battle Droid kicked R2 D2. They were all taking to the bridge.

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