Character Timeline

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Anakin’s timeline:

42 BBY: Born

39 BBY: Moves to Tatooine

38 BBY: Gardulla looses him to Watto

32 BBY: Wins Boonta Eve Classic

32 BBY: Becomes a Padawan of Obi Wan Kenobi

29 BBY: Builds lightsaber on Llum

23 BBY: Rescures Obi Wan from a sarlaac on Azaloc 3

22 BBY: Meets Padm’e again

22 BBY: Shimi dies in his arms

22 BBY: Battle of Geonosis

22 BBY: Looses his hand

22 BBY: Marries Padm’e

21 BBY: Becomes jedi knight

20 BBY: Outer Rim Seiges

19 BBY: Battle of Corucont

19 BBY: Kills Count Dooku

19 BBY: Rescures Palpatine

19 BBY: Becomes a member of the Jedi Council

19 BBY: Turns to the dark side

19 BBY: Becomes Darth Vader

18 BBY: Kills Kento Malek

18 BBY: Kidnapps Galen Malek

3 BBY: Assines Galen Malek to kill Raham Koda, Kazran Pastrous and Shaak Ti

3 BBY: Betrayes Galen Malek

2 BBY: Foudation of the Rebal Alliance

2 BBY: Captures Senator Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Gem Bil Iblis and jedi Raham Koda

2 BBY: Sees Darth Sidous killing Galen Malek on Corella

1 BBY: Clones Galen Malek on Kamino

0 BBY: Death Star complete

0 BBY: Senate dissolves

0 BBY: Blockade on Tatooine

o BBY: Jabba Joins the Empire

0 BBY: Battle of Yavin

1 ABY: Crashes on Jabiim

2 ABY: Encounters Luke and Leia on Jabiim

2 ABY: Rescured from Jabiim

3 ABY: Battle of Hoth

3 ABY: Sends Bounty Hunters after Han Solo

3 ABY: Battle over Bespin

3 ABY: discovers that luke is his son

4 ABY: Battle of Endor

4 ABY: Discovers Leia is his daughter

4 ABY: Kills the Emperor

4 ABY: Dies

4 ABY: Becomes one with the force

Luke’s Timeline:

19 BBY: Born on Polis Massa

19 BBY: Given to Owen Lars

o BBY: Blockade on Tatooine

0 BBY: Jabba joins Empire

0 BBY: Death of Owen and Beru Lars

0 BBY: Battle of Docking Bay 94

0 BBY: Rescures Leia Organa

0 BBY: Battle of Yavin

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