The Phantom Menace:

1138 (Battle Droid)

3B3 10 (Battle Droid)

3B3 1204 (Battle Droid)

3B3 21 (Battle Droid)

3B3 888 (Battle droid)

Yeb Yeb Adem Thorn (Senator from Makem Tal)

Yeb Yeb Adem Thorn’s aide

Arippipa Alderate (Senator from Alderaan)

Amee (Anakin’s friend)

Padm’e Amidala (Queen of Naboo)

Foodsinbeed Annodue (Host of the Mos Espa Bodrace)

Bail Antilles ( Senator from Alderaan)

King Manchutcho (Sentor from Aleena)

Bok Askol (Podracer)

Kista (Anakin’s friend)

Elbern Baobab (  Naboo Boabob Archives Manager)

Edel Bar Gane ( Senator from Roona)

Edel Bar Gane’s Aide

Alado Beedo (Podracer)

Been (Gungan)

Tendau Bendon (Senator from Ithor)

Tendau Bendon’s Aide

Bib Frontruna (Jabba’s aide)

Sio Bibble (Govenor of Naboo)

Depa Billaba (Jedi Council Member)

B’olba ( Qurran Senator of Mon Calamari)

Dud Bolt ( Podracer)

Pax Bonlik ( Mechanic of Tatooine)

Trax Bonlik ( Mechanic of Tatooine)

Hela Brandels ( The Naboo Royal famly’s Music player)

c 3po ( Anakin’s Protical Droid)

Chamberlyn (Lutenent of Naboo secruty forces)

Murr Danod ( Tatoonie Smuggler)

Dams Denna (Naboo  Zoo Keeper)

DFS 1015 ( Vulture droid)

DFS 1104 (Vulture droid)

DFS 1138 (Vulture droid)

DF2 1308 (Vulture droid)

DFS 137 (Vulture droid)

Fren Devron ( Tatoonie Smuggler)

Lana Dobreed ( Tatoonie Smuggler)

Lot Dod ( Senator of Cato Neimodia)

Lot Dod’s Aide

Daulty Dofine ( Owner of Trade Federation ship)

Attack of the clones:


Tekla Minu

Revenge of the Sith:

Qunlin Vos

A New Hope:



Return of the Jedi:

Mas Amedda

Sy Moore



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