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Shadow Melvelonce: Cody and Obi Wan had sent Jedi Anakin Skywalker to destroy the Melvelonce. Later Cody told Obi Wan that Yurlaran was calling them from one of Naboo’s moon called Antar. Obi Wan told Cody to put it through and cody did so. Yurlaran was on the Hologram and said that Anakin and Plo Koon had destroyed the weapon but Grievous and The Droid squad called “Melvelonce flying For you” were still on board. Obi Wan orded the crew to go into Hyperspace and they did so. They saw Anakin’s Y Wing, Plo Koon’s Starfighter and a Republic cruiser that Admiral Yurlaran was on bored. They also saw Nala Se’s Medical crusier and Medic Ships flying out to get away but the actual Medic station was not damage. Obi Wan said to Cody “Well, Let’s see what Anakin has started.” The Republic Crusier that Obi Wan and Cody were in started flying. And So did Yurlaran after Anakin and Plo Koon were on bored.

Rookies: Cody and Rex were bored a republic cruiser that was trying to find Grievous were they were coming over Rusia Moon one of Kamino’s Moons. Cody and Rex were walking to the bridge where Anakin was. As they past the Bedroom Obi Wan came out. They all headed to the bridge were they saw Anakin. Obi Wan told Cody and Rex to check on the Rusia Moon Outpost that is in charge of making sure that no invsion was coming. The bas was a good base lead by old 501st trooper Sargent O’Niner.  But they did not see a ship that Asajj Venress was on. Ventress was on a small ship that had just been to Mon Calamari to see Senator Tiikes, the Leader of Qurran water supply droids. Ventress had picked up Aqua droids and head to the water on Kamino. The Base might have not noticed Ventress but did notice Grievous. Grievous had just entered Hyperspace and had sent a shuttle of Commander droids to the moon to take control and it succeed. The Republic Cruiser that was the other side of the moon had no idea that Grievous was on the other side. The Repblic also sent a shuttle. Cody was sitting on what is called “the General sit” and was commandering Rex and the other pilots. Cody told Rex to contacted O’Niner that they were coming. Rex was trying to communicate with O’Niner but no one picked up. Cody noticed that something was wrong. Rex tried again and after a long time O’niner was on the hologram but it was different. O;Niner did not act like a clone but he was. Rex had also began to worry when O’Niner said Rodger that. Rex and Cody landed and came out of the shuttle to be greated by no one. “Something is up.” After a long time O’niner came holding his helmet on his head. O’Niner then said to Rex and Cody to leave and Rex shot him. Cody was no impressed but then Rex kicked of the Helmet of O’Niner and saw that it was a Commando Droid. Three clones that were called Hevy, Echo and Fives had just climbed up onto the bridge. Rex and Cody orded them to take of there helmets. They did so and they were clones. Rex and Cody agreed that these Clones were Shinies or known has Rookies. Rex had an Idea and Cody thought it would not work but it did. Soon the Base was under thier control. Soon more droids came Echo and Rex stade and Cody Fives and Hevy went ro destroy them. Soon Echo had a bomb and Hevy told Echo that he would set it off. Cody asked Echo “Wheres Hevy”  BVut then the Base blew up. Cody and Rex with Anakin and Obi Wan where given Echo and Fives part of the 501ST Leigon.

Cat and Mouse:

Fact File:

Home-World: Kamino

Species: Human (Clone of Jango Fett)

Weapons: DC-15 Blaster Pistol     DC-15 Blaster Rifle

Legion: 212 Legion     Ghost Company

Born: 32 BBY

Died: 1 ABY Destruction of the First Death Star

Loyalty: Galactic Republic          Grand Army of the Republic

Rank: Commander


Fact File:

Home-World: Kamino

Species: Human (Clone of Jango Fett)

Weapons: Twin DC-17 Blaster Pistols      DC-15 Blaster Pistol

Legion: 501 Legion    ARC Trooper Legion

Born: 32 BBY

Died: 19 BBY

Loyalty: Galactic Republic      Grand Army of the Republic

Rank: Captain

Fives: CT-27-5555:

Clone Cadets:


ARC Troopers:

The Citadel:


Citadel Rescue:

Darkness on Umbara:

Fact File:

Home-World: Kamino

Species: Human (Clone of Jango Fett)

Weapons: DC-15 Blaster Rifle    DC-15 Blaster Pistol    DC-17 Twin Blaster Pistols

Legion: 501 Legion      ARC Trooper Legion

Born: 26 BBY

Died: Unknown but definitely did

Loyalty: Galactic Republic       Grand Army of the Republic

Rank: ARC Trooper (may have progressed to ARC Trooper Commander)

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