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Bombad Jedi:

Gree was on his Jedi Cruiser near the planet Rodia. His ship the Tranquility was being commanded by himself and General Luminara Unduli. Gree was only there waiting for Senator Padm’e Amidala, Representative Jar Jar Binks and a lousy Protocol droid C-3PO. He was at the bridge with Captain Faire giving orders when the destress call alarm went off at the holoprojector behind him. He turned around to see that C-3PO had got to a Separatist communication beacon. Gree now knew that Senator Onaconda Farr of Rodia had betrayed the Republic but Gree knew that he had done it for the supplies or had been tricked into it. The distress call also said that Senator Amidala had been captured. He immediatley told Captain Faire to call for a Republic Gunship to be prepared at the hangar bay. When Gree had got to the Hangar Bay with a group of members of Green Company. He soon landed on the planet and saw that Onaconda Farr had joined the Senator. As Nute Gunray ran from the two Senators Gree and his men got out of the Gunship and cut off his escape. Then Jar Jar revealed himself to Farr and Gunray as just a normal Gungan not a Jedi. He later returned to a Republic mini Cruiser which Luminara was on and so was Padawan learner Ahsoka Tano who had just been picked up. Senator and Representative were both transported back to Corusant on the Tranquility which later came back.

Cloak of Darkness:

The mini Cruiser that Gree was on was now approaching the Tranquility which was now packed with Senate Commandos who were commanded by Captain Argyus. While Luminara requested the permision to board from Argyus Gree was talked to by Gunray. “I can give my allies much money you know,” said Gunray. Gree was not an easy one to fool and replied with, “well that is a very temping offer Viceroy (sarcasticly) but in the mean time I’ve got a present for you,” then he held out a pair of cuffs and cuffed Gunray. Soon they had boarded the Tranquility and Gree went with Argyus and Gunray to the prison room. Gree shoved Gunray into the cell and Unduli  and Tano entered and started the interigation. Gree waited outside as they interogated him and then heard Ahsoka shout at Gunray and heard Gunray topple to the floor. Luminara and Ahsoka immediatley came out Ahsoka looking pleased with herself and Luminara looked disappointed but relived. “I guess he cracked,” said Gree, “yes, by Ahsoka’s interogating skills,” said Luminara. Suddenly loud bangs were heard and Gree brought his comlink up and talked to Captain Faire. “What’s going on,” said Gree, “Droid attack and they’ve brought boarding ships,” said Faire. Green Company were immediately told to get to the hangar where boarding ships had landed but Gree went with Unduli to fight them somewhere else. He followed her to a hall way and as soon as the doors slid open Gree shot down a super battle droid with one shot. He then went back and Luminara as a Jedi should took control and immediately took down many of the droids. As she dodge bolts of laser Gree still impressed his men killing four more super battle droids. When there was only one left Gree again helped Luminara a bit by killing it. When they returned to the prison room Gunray looked as though he thought the attack was over but it wasn’t for long. Soon noise came from the communication room that was being commanded by Argyus. It was Assaj Ventress. She ran to them at a sprint and Ahsoka went for her. Ahsoka was no match and Gree knew by this that he wouldn’t be , no clone would be. Soon Luminara came and maybe saved Ahsoka’s life. Luminara and Ventress had a short duel but then Ventress ran to the elevator blocking shots from Gree who was trying to slow her down. She jumped over him and jumped down the elevator shaft before the elevator came. A overenthusiastic Ahsoka ran quickly to Luminara who was already at the elevator and said, “well what are we waiting for.” She jumped but was pulled back immediately by Luminara as the elevator rushed past which could of killed Ahsoka. “You will stay here with Commander Gree and Captain Argyus, AI can handle Ventress on my own.” Ahsoka then went on about how that was unfair. Gree was fine with this firstly because he was made to follow orders and help the Jedi to defeat the Seppies and secondly because he knew that Luminara would not bring any Clone Commander with her to face a “Sith Assassin.” 3 Minutes later Ahsoka spoke again. “Luminara Unduli maybe a Jedi Master but she has no idea what that witch is capable of, but I can’t deny what she said, can I,” “I wouldn’t,” said Gree knowing that he wouldn’t because of his training, “I think being a good soldier means that you do what you think is right,” “Can I go Commander,” “alright, you know me I’m not getta’ let Gunray escape.” Ahsoka rushed off and looked pleased, very pleased. Another 3 minutes later when Gree was still standing in front of Argyus Argyus’ comlink rang out, “what’s that Captain,” said one of the two senate commandos behind Argyus, “oh nothing,” but it was something. Suddenly Argyus flipped around and started to shoot bolts at his commandos. They were dead and then he turned for Gree who had already got to cover. Then Gree came out and shot. Argyus dodged and pushed the open button on the cell control pad. Argyus took Gunray and put him in front of his body for a Neimodian shield. Gree then shot Argyus’ gun out of his hand and came out of his cover. But then Argyus shoved Gunray into Gree and then kicked Gree in the face knocking his helmet off. Gree was still fine and held his fists up. Argus dived for the gn but Gree kicked him kocking him back. Gree then himself picked up the gun and pointed it at Argyus. But Gree had not won. Gunray snuck up behind him and hit him on the head knocking him out but not killing him. Then Argyus and Gunray ran. Later Gree woke up in the medical bay with full health. He immediatley went to the bridge to see if Gunray’s cheating had worked. Unfortunatley it had and the three Seppies had escaped. Later Clone Intelligence came when Gree was back on Corusant that Argyus had been assassinated by Assaj Ventress.

Weapons Factory: Gree had been ordered by the Republic to go to the huge battle of Geonosis. He went with Jedi General Luminara, Lieutenant Buzz , Lieutenant Draa and half of the 41st Legion. He got into the Gunship and was shipped down to Geonosis. When the Gunship arrived Gree got out and started to give his briefing to his men and the other men were getting it from Jedi General Anakin Skywalker the padawan of Jedi General Obi Wan Kenobi of the Jedi High Council. He heard that the two padawans on Geonosis Ahsoka Tano who Gree had met before and Barris Offee the padawan of Luminara were going to be doing the hard part of the mission and the masters would be holding the droids in position while the padawans went through the cataclomes and try to blow the Droids Factory from the inside out. Weirdly the Generals had decided to make their attack right up the middle of the bridge with no cover just to make it temping for the droids. Soon everyone was ready and they started their charge. They walked up the middle of the bridge  and then the droids came out. Then when they were near they stopped aimed and fired. The droids fired back and the battle commence. The two Masters ran to the droids and started to slice them. Gree still came up and shot but then Geonosians came out of they hives and Gree turned to them. 10 minutes later when the battle was over the doors opened up again and 12 Super Tanks came out. Captain Rex ordered the tanks to fire but nothing could affect the armour. The Super Tanks fire and destroyed men and tanks. Gree and everybody else ran to cover. Later Luminara and Anakin went under the bridge with charges and planted them. They both flipped over the sides and then Anakin pressed down the detonator. They saw then that the bombs were active in the Cataclomes. But then another door opened, a legion of Battle Droids came out and Gree fired again. Anakin and Luminara came over quickly. Anakin started shouting through his comlink to Ahsoka. 3 Minutes later Gree was still battling but then suddenly the factory started to explode. The rubble flew off and smoke ran it’s way to Gree. He jumped down and his face was covered. He got up again to see Anakin and Luminara at the wreckage. Lifting Gunships came and started to lift rubble away trying to find the padawans who had not made it out. Suddenly Anakin picked up a signal and rubble was lifted there. There was the super tank that held the padawans. They climbed up and Gree was flown off in a Gunship.

Revenge of the Sith: Word had come that the Jedi High Council wanted the 41st legion to go to Kashyyyk to protect them from invading Separatist forces. Gree was going to be going in his new Camoflaged Phase II armour. The Jedi that were coming were Luminara Unduli and Quilan Vos. Yoda was also coming but later and newly appointed Junior Commander Faie. When he got to Kashyyyk he dropped of his old General Luminara Unduli and went to War Chief Tarful and warrior Chewbacca. In the gunship he saw Quilan Vos wondering into the forest and Faie chasing him with his men. He himself was dropped off in a tree house where the two wookies were and then took out his binoculars and saw Luminara talking to King Gatchawaa. “Are the wookies ready for the battle,” said Gree. Muffled sounds that Gree a specialist in Alien Cultures could understand, “good,” replied Gree. He looked into his binoculars once again to see a Wookie flier coming towards the tree house carrying Jedi Grand Master Yoda. Yoda was dropped off and was greeted by the wookies. “What is the situation Commander,” “the wookies are ready and my men are in position. Unfortunately Vos went on one of his adventures and Faie went after him, Luminara and Gatchawaa are ready to lead the first assault” “bad that is, any word from the council,” “yes, in fact the meeting is about to start.” Yoda made his way to the holoprojector and the meeting started. 10 minutes later the meeting was over and the battle started. Gree commanded the assault from the tree house giving his men instructions. He always had Tarful and Chewbacca at his side helping him. Yoda was also giving him instructions. Soon after many droids had exploded and many men had been shot the battle was over. Another scout soon came to Gree to inform him that Faie had been killed in battle. Gree was sadened by this but had to concentrate because the battle might not have ended yet. He stayed with that Scout for the rest of that day. For some reason Master Yoda seemed troubled. Gree had an idea of what was going on, Order 66. And the comformation came soon. Gree’s holoprojector sounded and he picked it up. “Execute order 66 Commander,” “It will be done my lord,” said Gree knowing it was his only choice. Gree was one of the few clones that was troubled with executing the order but he did do it. He walked up to the scout, nodded. They raised their arms with blaster in hand and Yoda flipped. Yoda then sliced Gree and then scout in the air and they fell (Gree may have survived this injury but we do not know. In the film it looked as though he bent his head backwards and we saw his helmet get chopped. We believe that he may have suffered a terrible injury but maybe survived. Later after this a clone Scout shot a cannon at the tree house maybe finishing him there but we do not know for sure if he survived or lived.

Fact File:

Home-World: Kamino

Species: Human (Clone of Jango Fett)

Weapons: DC-15 Blaster Pistol DC-15 Blaster Rifle DC-17 Blaster Pistol

Legion: 41st Legion

Born: 34 BBY

Died: 19 BBY (Possibly)

Loyalty: Galactic Republic        Grand Army of the Republic

Rank: Commander

CT-21-0408 “Echo”:

Clone Cadets: Echo was part of the Squad Domino Squad. He was still in his training as a cadet and his squad was struggling. He was always repeating the orders that were coming through the comlink because he wanted to make sure they all heard them. They all called him Echo and he was annoyed but he supposed he did Echo orders.


ARC Troopers:

The Citadel:


Fact File

Home-World: Kamino

Species: Human (Clone of Jango Fett)

Weapons: DC-15 Blaster Pistol DC-15 Blaster Rifle DC-17  Twin Blaster Pistols

Legion: 501st Legion       Arc Trooper Legion

Born: 32 BBY

Died: 21 BBY (Possibly)

Loyalty: Galactic Republic       Grand Army of the Republic

Rank: ARC Trooper (May have progressed to ARC Trooper Commander)


Rise of the Malevolence:

Padawan Lost:

Mercy Mission:

Fact File:

Home-World: Kamino

Species: Human (Clone of Jango Fett)

Weapons: DC-15 Blaster Pistol DC-15 Blaster Rifle DC-17 Twin Blaster Pistols

Legion:  104th Battalion

Born: 34 BBY

Died: Unknown

Loyalty: Galactic Republic       Grand Army of the Republic

Rank: Commander

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