Season 5

Season 5 trailer breakdown:

Darth Maul and Savage Oppress are getting out of a ship

Darth Maul strangles a nautalon

Three Death watch ships are flying to a planet

Super Battle droids and Battle droids are backing some Alderaans into a corner

Lux Bronteri, Queen of Alderaan and a clone commander are overseeing the battle of Alderaan

The Clone Commander on Alderaan is talking to the jedi council through hologram.

Separatist ships bomb Alderaan

Commando Droids kill Alderaan place guards.

Lux Bronteri shoots some Commando droids

Someome is walking down stairs outside a temple with lots of Battle droids and Separtists outside

Anakin, Obi Wan and Yoda have a meeting

Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi Wan are meeted by The Queen of Alderaan and the Alderaan Clone Commander.

Darth Maul fights Obi Wan on an edge of a cliff.

Obi Wan rescues a clone pilot.

Count Dooku is talking to Darth Sidous through Hologram.

Savage Oppress fights Adi Gallia

Pri Vizla fires a flame thrower

Denagar and Sugi are shooting at Darth Maul and Savage Oppress.

Death Watch troopers are flying.

Pri Vizla is telling millions of Death Watch troopers that it is time to attack Mandalore.

Obi Wan and Anakin talk to several unknown bounty hunters.

The Alderaan Queen leads her people into battle.

General Grievous boards Obi Wan’s ship.

Embo is snowboarding and chasing Anakin, Padm’e and Typho who are in snowspeeder.

Lots of ships are battling in space.

Five Green aliens in Orange are following their chief who is wearing yellow.

Pri Vizla and Bo Kataran break in to Duchess Satine’s thrown room.

Obi Wan activates two blue lightsabers

Darth Maul jumps on Sugi and possibly kills her.

Ahsoka and the Queen of Alderaan are dodging Commando droids.

Embo and Savage Oppress fight and it looks pretty even.

Hondo Okconda arrives and is greeted by Ahsoka, Lux Bronteri and the Queen of Alderaan and offers them some guns but then Commando droids arrive and Hondo leaves.

Ahsoka and Lux Bronteri are circled by Commando droids.

Death Watch troopers jump through a window.

Savage Oppress releases is double bladed lightsaber.

Darth Maul throws a lightsaber at the green chief.

Season 5 comfirmed episodes:

1. Revial

2. Front Runners.
3. The Soft War
4. Tipping Points
5. An Old Friend
6. The Rise of Clovis
7. Crisis at Heart.

Trailer 2:

Obi Wan says “something is breaking in the Underworld”

Obi Wan is still talking while we see Darth Maul’s eyes

Obi Wan is still talking when we see Savage Oppress leading Mandalorian troops

Chancellor Palpatine has a meeting with Obi Wan, Anakin, Yoda And Mace and says that
Darth Maul is no threat compared to the Separatists.

6 separatist ships enter lightspeed

Count Dooku says to a tactical Droid to begin the attack

Separatist Bombers blow up a Republic Frigate and a Shock Trooper flies out.

A Separatist Ship fires at some people of Ondodon (In Previous trailer I Said it was Alderaan by mistake)

Skeela, Queen of Ondodon and her two aids and the General, Ahsoka and Anakin have a meeting

Obi Wan and Oddball lead a recue on Ondodon.

Thor Attacks with his gun Hammer

Ploo Konn flies into battle

Mace Windu orders R2 D2 and 4 other Atromech droids to do a mission

Some lady tells Ahsoka that the Jedi are bot what is used to be

Embo is trying to break in to the Jedi Temple

Pre Vizla is flying with Bo Kataran behing him and says “The War is about to begin”

People of Mandalore scream when Death Watch start killing them.

Darth Maul Offers to Pre Vizla that he helps Death Watch in return to let them help him kill Obi Wan.

Obi Wan duels Darth Maul

Count Dooku leads an Attack in a Separatist Frigate but not sure where

Savage Oppress forces back Adi Gallia

In the Jedi Temple Yoda oversees something along with other Jedi.

A Big Battle scene at Mandalore Obi Wan oversees it. (Scene in Preview clip 2/3)

Ahsoka is hoping to one side of the Train to another kicking everyone

Anakin jumps out of a Train.

Tekla Minu warns Padm’e just before Embo assassinates her.

Anakin and Lux Bronteri kill some Commando and Normanl Battle Droids.

A Republic ship flies over some wreckage.

R2 D2 Scans a Man and R2 Reveals that this man is a clone.

Luxor a Commando Clone puts on his helmet and starts shooting.

Bo Kataran Chases Pre Vizla

Anakin Strangles Rush Clovis in front of Padm’e

Shot troopers corner Asajj Ventress but she takes care of them

Asajj duels Ahsoka

Obi Wan Duel Maul

Anakin is about to kill Rush Clovis.

Obi Wan flies in and save Satine from deaf.

Luxor gets shot

A Separatist General is about to kill someone.

Pre Vizla and Maul duel

Darth Sidous reminds Darth Maul that There can only be two and Maul is not Darth Sidous’ Apprentice anymoe.

Darth Sidous duels Savage and Maul

The General of Onodon attacks

Bo Kataran rescues Obi Wan

Ahsoka and R7 A7 Fly in there spaceship.

R2 D2 and 4 other Asromech droids attsck battle droids.

Assajj put a helmet on

Luxor attacks

1 Atromech gets sucked into space.

Darth Sidous continues to duel Maul and Oppress

Savage kills some Death Watch troops

Sidous Electrocutes Maul

Star Wars the Clone Wars new Time and Date Saturday 9.30pm 29th September

Previous times: Season 1-2 and 1st half of 3, Friday 9.00pm, 2nd Half of Season 3 and all of Season 4 Friday 8.00pm

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