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Kit Fisto:

Kit Fisto was born on Glee Anselm. He had a funny side to himself but also had a serious side to himself. He was one of the funnist Jedi there was and was also very good at fighting. His main advantage in fighting was his quickness and his patience. Because his only known master is Yoda people suspect that he was one of the important Jedi in the Council in Revenge of the Sith. One of the reasons he was regarded as one of the most skilled Jedi was because in the clone wars he went against General Grievous and would have killed him but Grievous’s Magna Guards got to him just in time. Another reason was that he got Grievous ontot he ground so quickly. Also in this battle Kit Fisto stole one of Grievous’s light-sabers which became his spare.

Phantom Menace:

In the Phantom Menace Kit Fisto spent most of his time training with Yoda or reading in the archives to learn more so he could get to his wish of being in the council. Yoda saw lots of petenshall in Kit and thought that Kit would become a great master one day. When he heard that Qui Gwon Jinn was killed by Darth Maul at the battle of Naboo Yoda brought Kit to the funeral.

Attack of the Clones:

Again Kit spent most of his time training with Yoda and reading in the archives but Yoda saw the perfect opportunnity to test Kit by sending him to Geonosis to take part in the battle of Geonosis with Mace Windu and was made a General when he was told. When he arrived in Geonosis he was sneaking through a tunnel so he could enter the arena. When he was in site he drew his Light-Saber and let all the Geonosians see him. The Geonosians were not happy to see the Jedi and Kit. They were no match for them and it would be a short battle but there would fight to defend there clans. The Geonosians leapt up hoping for help from Count Dooku and Jango Fett but it did not come. Kit leapt down to the arena and and joined the circle of Jedi Knights. He saw Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker come over. He took out his spare Light Sabre and gave it to Anakin Skywalker and a Padavan Belta Swan gave  a blue Lightsabre to Obi Wan. Droids came out into the arena from small gates in the arena and charded at them all with fury. The battle droids were easy to defeat and the Geonosian were quite easy to. Flipping and dogging shots Kit was not in a hard place to fight for him. I twas clear no rocks in the way and the droids were slow and stiff making them easy targets. The Geonosians were slow but high targets but with Kit’s acrabaticness that only some Jedi could learn as well as him could jump up to them dodging shots frm the enemy and slice the Geonosians in half and when he reach the floor again he could easily quish the Droids on the floor of the arena. “We can’t hold them off for much longer,” said Mace to Kit, “the reaformance ill be hear soon and we will win this battle with ease Mace,” “I hope your right Kit,” “I do to,” said Kit slicing another droid and then another. Mace left Kit and then Kit saw Anakin Skywalker’s Protocol Droids head attach to a battle droid. C3P-O was saying die Jedi die and couldn’t control the body of a Battle droid beneath him. Kit ran to help 3p0 and when he reach him he forced the Battle droid back killing it and killing a super battle droid. Kit knew that later R2 3p0 reluctant friend would reatach 3p0 to a battle droid head attached to 3p0’s body. Kit looked around just in time to see Mace beheading Jango Fett who had jumped down to the arena. He looked up to see Boba Fett sit down staggered what had just happened. Just then Droidekas had rushed in to the arena circling the cirle of Jedis Kit was forced to join them and hewas soon in the circle and he was about to surrender but he didn’t want to and he knew he wouldn’t have to. Republic Cruisers were coming to the arena fast. When they landed the one with Yoda in was the one Kit immediately picked. He ran to it and jumped in. Ki-Adi Mundi was already in and Mace Wndu joined them. “Ready for the big battle Kit,” “Ready to land when you are. I want to make a good impression for my first battle for the Jedi High Council.” The Gunship soon landed near three enemy bases and some power buildings. They all got out and started to destroy the power stations with Cavalry and Infantry. When the building had been destroyed along with thousands of droids that were easily dominated by Kit Fisto and his fellow Jedi. Other Gunships soon came for support and destroyed the three huge bases making the Battle of Gonosis a success. Kit loaded himself back onto a Gunsip and was flown back to the Republic Cruiser. When Yoda got back with Senator Amidala, Obi Wan Kenobi and a injured Anakin Skywalker Kit saw Anakin have his replacement hand being put on and was then shipped back to Corusant where him and Obi Wan entered the Jedi high Council.

Clone Wars:

Lair of Grievous:

Kit Fisto had recently completed a mission near a system called Vassek. Recently Luminara Unduli, Ahsoka Tano and CC-1004 (Commander Gree) had had Nute Gunray in a cell but when a Senate Commando Captain revealed himself as a Separatist spy he rescued Gunray with the help of Assaj Ventress. Now they had called Kit to capture them because they had tracked the Republic frigate to Vassek which Kit could get to quickly. He soon landed on Vassek with R6-H5. He quickly jumped out of his Jedi Star-Fighter and went to meet his old apprentice Nahdar Vebb who was with his Commander Fil and some of Fil’s troops. “Hello Nahdar,” said Kit, “well done on passing the trials.” “Thank you master, it is a honour to serve with you again as a Knight.” “So where is the entrance Nahdar,” Kit asked, “over here master.” They walked to a huge door with bumps all over it. “We have a special ability of making entrances General,” said Fil, “this will be quieter than a thermal detonator master,” said Nahdar, “patience both of you, a second look usually pays off,” he walked up to the doors and pressed one of the bumps. “see,” said Kit as the door slowly swung open, “lets go.” “Niner, Bell stay with the ship,” said Fil, “yes sir,” said Niner. When they were deep in the lair they heard a voice and followed it. They walked quietly nearer and nearer to the noise. Soon they saw about 8 battle droids huddled around a chair that had someone sitting on it. “er sir two Jedi are behind you,” said the droid lieutenant, “Jedi what where, get them lieutenant.” Kit and Nahdar drew their light-sabers and blocked the incoming lasers bolts deflecting them back into the droids. Soon the droids were all dead and Nahdar said, “we’ve got you Gunray and swung the chair around, “no you have nothing,” said Gunray as they saw that he was a hologram. “I should have known that this was a trick and maybe a trap,” said Kit, ” who do you think the trap was set for,” said Fil. On the key pad of the chair one of the buttons flashed red, “shoud we find out,” said Nahdar pressing the button. A door suddnely opened and the group walked in. The saw statues of warriors that looked from Kalee. They saw padawan braids that they knew were from Jedi and they knew that this person was separatist. They went through another door and saw cyborg armour. “This is the lair of General Grievous,” exclaimed Kit Fisto. “If we catch Grievous we can end this war, “and since he doesn’t know we’re here we can take him down easy, “lets go.” They soon were hiding. They heard Grievous coming through and then jumped out. “Welcome home General, I suggest you surrender.” “Never.” He drew his light-saber and started to attack.

Revenge of the Sith:

Kit Fisto had lately joined the High Council of the Jedi and was enjoting himself still even though the War raged on. Most people saw courage to keep fighting through him. Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker had just set off to the Battle of Corusant with Commander Oddball and his troups. He had lately heard Commander Oddball being pulled to a medic because he had been shoot down and just applied his parachute in time. Later Mace Windu told him that the mission had been a half success because Count Dooku had been defeated but Grievous had escaped just in time. Kit knew that Mace would not be feeling at his best because Dooku was his old master so Kit was going to support Mace as much as he could. Later Kit attended a Council meeting when he saw that Anakin the Chosen one had come to produce something that he wanted. He said that the Chancellor wanted him to be his personal representative on the Jedi Council. Kit was disgusted with the idea of the Chancellor trying to interfear with Jedi business however Mace acted by giving Anakin a spot on the council but not letting him have the rank of Master which Kit had. Later Kit attended a meeting where Obi Wan was assigned to capture or kill Grievous who had been spotted on Utapau. Much later news came in that Grievous was finally defeated. Soon though  Anakin came with weird news. He said that Chancellor Palpatine was the Sith we’ve been looking for. Mace said that Kit and the fellow would handle it. Kit entered with the others and Mace called upon Sidious. “Have you come to tell me that Grievous is dead.” “He is dead but that is not what we’ve come for,” said Mace, “in the name of the Galactic Senate you are under arrest.” They all drawed there light sabre but Sidious leapt out with his ligh sabre drawn. Immediatley Agen Kolar was stabbed. Then Sae See Tinn was down. A few hits of the light sabre were better than Agen Kolar and Sae See Tinn but when Mace was knocked away Kit was not ready and was cut down. (Kit Fisto may of survive this battle and gone into hiding. This is because he was only scrapped by Sidious’ Light Sabre.)

Fact File:

Year of Birth: 61BBY

Year of Death: 19BBY

Known Masters: Yoda

Known Apprentices: Bant Eerin and Nahdar Vebb

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