Season 4 Episodes and Characters

1. Water War                             2. Gunagan Attack                      3. Prioners       4.  Shadow warrior     5 Mercy Mission    6. Nomad Droids 7. Darkness on Umbara

Ahsoka                                          Riff Tamson                                 Kit Fisto               Jar Jar Binks

Lee Char                                       Senator Tikkes                            Anakin                 Grievous

Riff Tamsom                               Count Dooku                             Padm’e                       Lyonie

Senator Tikkes                          Kit Fisto                                        Riff Tamson            Tarpals

Anakin                                        Ackbar                                          Senator Tikkes       Padm’e

Padm’e                                        Anakin                                           Jar Jar Binks          Darth Sidous

Ackbar                                       Yoda                                                                                    Anakin

Yoda                                         Mace Windu                                                                      Count Dooku

Mace Windu                         Plo Koon

Count Dooku                       Saesee Tiin

Kit Fisto                                Luminara Unduli

Obi Wan


Lee Char


Boss Ness


Jar Jar Binks

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