If you were a Bounty Hunter?

If you were a Bounty Hunter would you?

Create your own armour?     Copy anothers but edit and improve it?

Would you?

Have a Blaster?       A machine gun?     Flamefrower?         Shotgun?       Rifle?        Grenade Launcher?       Rocket Launcher?      SMG?

Would you have a?

Jet Pack?      Wrist blaster?             Wrist flamefrower?       Wrist Grenade launcer?      Grappeling hook?           Retractable knife?

What coulor?

Blue? Green? Red? Black? Yellow? White? Purple? Orange? Silver? Gold? Invisibility suit? Glow in the Dark orange? Glow in the Dark Green?

Would you?

Work for the republic mostley?      Sepratist?      Jabba?   No one?

By Laurence Carolan

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